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Various Questons from a "newb"!Follow

#1 Oct 02 2010 at 4:53 PM Rating: Decent
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Hey everyone...for the facts...I played FFXI for 4 years(and successful) and therefore I wrote "newb" not "noob" ;)
Just FYI :p

But directly to my questions...or rather a small information from my behalf...

I didn't intend to start FFXIV before PS3 Release, but out of a coincidence it happened I will be able to start FFXIV next week :)
As I didn't expect to start anytime soon I intentionally avoided any "in depth" information, as I didn't want to be misguided til the release on PS3, because who knows what will change til then. But well...that changed now xD

First I am from Europe(Germany) I would appeciate if anyone could say something about their experience with the community on their server. Not if they are nice or rude or w/e...thats just equal on any server xD
More like how many EU based players did you meet, or how many US and JP the like. As I played FFXI Endgame Events during US Time Zone and just couldn't handle it longer than 2 years due to sleeping issues xD I would prefer a server where many EU based players are, just for the "potential" of Endgame Shells later on. I know Lindblum got one of the highest german populations...but I try to avoid it intentionally ;) Too many Germans sucked in FFXI, too many Germans sucked in WoW and pretty much any MMO I played <.< I know this applies to probably any nationality...but as I am german myself...other germans refer to "you"(you in this case a german person who is not completely dumb to play a game) as personal strategy guides...they ask you about any itsy bitsy thing that they don't know themselves...they ask for help in missions and then they don't even know what do for the mission as they thought "you" would know it, since you're so "good"...well enough bragging xD

So whats the personal experience of you players...which server got a large EU player base?

Second...simple and easy...I know it shouldn't be a problem...but I'm not really a PC fan or got any knowledge about PCs therefore just simple question, I bought myself a PC with i3 pentium 2.4ghz, 4MB RAM, 1GB ATI Radeon graphic cards...that should be enough to play FFXIV on medium settings w/o too much performance issues?

Third...that would be more fitting to the appropriate class forums, but that would mean many unneccessary single threads on different class forums xD

I want to play as Gladiator Tank(plus the different DoWs who got fitting Skills for tanking) plus Armorer/Blacksmith.
I read about crafts being very dependent of other crafts...which is no real surprise to me after FFXI...but my question is...would my combination of Armorer/Blacksmith work for the beginning, or should I add other crafts for the sake of Armorer/Blacksmith to have less issues with skilling those two?

That's about it for the moment^^

Thanks for any answers in advance!
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Anyone able to answer these?
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Well, I am not going to claim to be the end all be all of information (seeing as what I know is based solely on reading at the moment) and I won't touch on your first two points, I will however say that on the crafting side of your questions it will really depend on your personal playstyle and what you are hoping to accomplish. It is possible for you to level and simply be your own armorer/blacksmith however there are a lot of components that you will have to buy from other crafters (handles for your weapons from carpentry etc.) If you have friends that are going to be crafting as well you can generate a good symbiotic relationship, however if you plan to be fully self sufficient you will need to level the other crafts at least somewhat in order to generate at least some of your own mats.

And of course, all of that information does not take into account sub craft requirements which may or may not be known/listed (some things in armorer for example may require say, leather working as a sub craft in order to have a high level of success)

Again, being that all of what I know right now comes from browsing these forums take what I say with a grain of salt but I hope I have at least helped you a little bit in your newb question search
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