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#1 Oct 03 2010 at 9:18 AM Rating: Sub-Default
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("("(" What you are about to read is all just a personal Opinion, if you dont like it close this Thread, and if you can prove me wrong go ahead "professional criticism is welcomed" ")")")

Ok, where should i start?

lets start with melee Classes,

in this thread i will talk and compare/reflect XIV and XI "u dont like that? leave this thread now please"

so i like how SE decided to change their combat system, and how the way it goes, and how STUPID long it used to take in XI, a Very nice idea this Stamina Bar.

but lets all be honest here, ive done my calculations and ive used my Stop watch in XI and XIV, i was wondering about something witch is the fight length, lets be honest here... its the same not really the same tho in XIV its faster by 30-50 secs only, "u dont believe it? i know its not easy to feel it" unless u get a stop watch and kill a mob in XI then kill a mob in XIV "pick same level range mobs "NOT TALKING ABOUT level 1-10" im talking about level 15+ mobs XI vs XIV, XIV is slightly faster than XI.

u wanna know how... i will simply tell u.

1) the stamina bar, this thing is awesome! i know, but ur skills / melee / buffs / CDs just DRAIN IT really fast, and gets u in a long downtime and that adds a time sink to the delays same to XI.

2) the mobs HP, they have a higher HP! of course coz we hit harder now, and they STILL hit u harder too.

3) hitting mobs! well.... ^_^ out of 50 mobs, i didnt have 1 fight without having 9-11 Misses and 4-7 Evades, seriously tho, im a Mithra AKA Miqo`te w/e the spelling, and i have 55dex + 5 from gear + 4 copper Rings, each got +2 Acc, my Acc is at 118, and i still miss like CRAZY and mobs Evade my attacks like CRAZY.

4) mobs Strength when i fight a mob... "not all mobs tho" but majority of mobs in Game give the feeling that they are bosses or mini game bosses, i mean those monkey in the Blackshroud.... wowwowowow just spam that flip kick and he will keep pushing me away, every time i get back to him hes casting another one, so im like... ok? how im gona hit him?! :S and also more... like our dear friend the DODO, we all love DODOs right? i mean.... why a low level mobs should have Poison / Sleep / Blind / Bind / and more and more melee Skills that just Ruin ur HP?

5) why should my character STOP when i do an auto attack!? "auto attack = w/e melee swing ur class got" cant we move freely ever in any of FF games?! at least let the normal swing be mobile, and the WS where u need to stand still.... "Cant we be friends?!"

6) Tanking, i tried EVERYTHING to keep holding my aggro without using a Provoke or a taunt, "in this game my friends- sorry this logic is not here" its all about building threat right? i was with a friend and trying that threat and tanking mechs. in the game for like 4 hrs. and there was no explanations to WTF was going on, i tried to attack a mob for like 70% HP.... and my Friend just did 1 Shot.... and the mob just left me and went for him, i didnt find any explaining for that, it feels that there is no Threat in this game? its just mobs pick anything they wanna attack, "UNLESS" they have the taunt/provoke Effect on them, and when it comes to healers, its even WORSE, like "hey dont heal me right away so u dont pull threat off me, ok?" Tank on the move > pulling > getting hit > healers waiting for Threat > tank getting SNAPPED with 1-3 hits by a mob > Tank is dead.
other thing Tank on the move > pulling > getting Hit > Healers Healing tanks > Pulling aggro with 1 heal > Healers gets 1 shotted > everyone is Dead > Wipe.

7) CDs and weapon buffs, we all know Ferocity-Lancer / Raging Strike-Archer / Bloodbath-MRD, well.. the Bloodbath is fixed, but what about the other ones? i pop my Weapon CDs, to increase w/e im doing for the next "HITTTTT" so why do i lose them if the mob evades me or i miss the mob? "and we all know how much we miss and get evaded by mobs"

wow really?! SE is that what we been waiting YEARRRSSS for? this is just wrong, come to think of it, i keep telling myself, naah its just a new game bugs and so, they will be fixed soon, or naah, its just a wrong scripting.

but also, i remembered how XI was.... toke them like 4-5 YEARS to fix some minor things that was ruining the game... "i am scared tbh, really scared now"
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Did you really need to make 10 topics? Keep it together...
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