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FFXIV Crafting System.Follow

#1 Oct 03 2010 at 9:19 AM Rating: Sub-Default
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("("(" What you are about to read is all just a personal Opinion, if you dont like it close this Thread, and if you can prove me wrong go ahead "professional criticism is welcomed" ")")")

its me again! :D

Ok! this one should be really fun xD im laughing already hahah.

lets talk about crafting and how important it is in FFXIV.

1) Crafting ideas and how u do it is REALLLYYY AWESOME!!! i really IN LOVE with it "im not joking i really do love it" and its the best way to level ur physical level! and thats only every 36 hrs tho xP dont get excited &_& "yeah i know SE loves to do that"

2) i like the idea that if ur a Blacksmith trying to make a weapon? u will need every other Crafting class and their dogs to JUST get u the mats for that weapon! ^_^ its nice some how! coz it will keep the game players economy strong in the long run, but in the same time its really dangerous, think of it this way, if u need an item crafted "thats talking about like 3-5 years" u need an item crafted... and u dont wanna Waste months leveling other Crafting classes.... coz u just need ur item done... and so u need lets say a leatherworker to get u that item so u can get 1 of the mats u need.... but since we all play in another time zones maybe i wont find a guy who can really do it for me... coz i just cant play when most ppl are online?! O.O and even if i do... i cant really tell where should i spam my shouts for this guy?! :S and we all know where the rest of this point go...

3) Crafting levels! and recipeessssss! wow nice job SE!!! :D really nice! ok, ZOMG! Gratz! u can now make the PEWPEW AXE! "YaY! ^_^" but u need to be at least level 5 Blacksmith to craft it! "oh wow nice! thats easy" yeah but u need to be level 15 Blacksmith to make one of that Rank6 axe mats "that u learned to do at level 5 Blacksmithing ! errrmm.... huh? :S lololol for real? SE? for real guys? i want some of that crack u guys are smoking coz its a good stuff im sure! ^_^ lol.

4) Failure and Success while Crafting, well... i dont understand what SE is trying to prove here... :S i have a level 10 Goldsmith.... and i Failed in all my tried in a Recommended Rank 1 Goldsmith leave.... ALL OF 4 Tries! "Bone Hora" ;O aww... how could this happen?! :S no body knowsss oh well.. not only that! :D lets talk about being a level 9 and ur trying to make a level 10 thingy or a quest..... i will tell u think just dont think about it coz its a 90% chance to fail. wow come on guys! its just 1 level away... why should it be IMPOSSIBLE?!

5) crafting an item takes like..... 4-8 mins? WHY? just why?! i have a life im a human and i have other things to do in game or in real life?! if i have like 8 crafting leaves.... lets say trying to make everything and getting it done will take me like 2-3 hrs.... WHY? whats the meaning of this?! :S

6) whats the off hand and the main hand in crafting?! can some one tell me coz i really dont know and i didnt see some one who do... why dont u add like... this tool will give a better success rate than this tool! "u know next to the Main hand and Off Hand Buttons"

all in all tho, no matter how high u get in crafting class, ur failure rate will be always up to 70% if ur 2 levels higher than the requirement for that item... -_- this is sad.
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