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#1 Oct 03 2010 at 9:19 AM Rating: Default
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("("(" What you are about to read is all just a personal Opinion, if you dont like it close this Thread, and if you can prove me wrong go ahead "professional criticism is welcomed" ")")")


ok, so its nice that u can rent a...what? a SLAVE! :D lol not really, but its nice! useful tho.

so u can sell ur stuff "ONLY in bazzaaaaars" and u can start "ur character bazaar anywhere" but what if i need to set my bazaar while playing?! "no worries! be happy - u can rent that Bank/inventory keep + ur NPC bazaar" .... ^_^ so lets talk about that.

1) why cant SE for once! FOR THE LOVE ! unlimited the sales Amount u can sell?! omg why for real... XI used to be 7, now its 10! HURRRAAAAY "for real SE" ? why just give us a good reason why cant we play FREEEE FOR A GAME THAT WE FRIGGIN PAY FOR?!

2) ur character bazaars are good! yet not that effective to place urself in the proper places where ppl can find ur bazaar most of the time and u cant keep leveling or farming in the same time "if u stand in the right place to bazaar".

3) markets! oh AWESOME! this is where u can place ur NPC bazaar and go offline! ^_^ but here is the Stupid part, there are like... 13 markets? and in each market u will find ALLLLL NPCS STANDING ALLLLL OVER the place.... and u can find some Tarutaru NPC just under a Galka, where its hard to see... not only that every step u make will load more Bazaars and remove the ones behind u, and u need like to CHECK EVERY BAZAAR in EACH market "trying to find the item ur looking for, not only that! u might find it... and buy it, and just right after u already bought it! the next Bazaar will have it for like 50% cheaper. ok wer used for the ripoff... but a game system encouraging it... wow thats new.

4) i didnt hear or read that there is any AH plans coming soon to XIV, but... once i was in the Black Oak market... and i was standing FRUSTRATED that it toke me 3 hrs looking in each room for some armors "and i didnt find what i need" so i got my eyes on the board in the mid with some papers on it "Decoration" so the idea slapped my mind, "why dont they create a sync system, that when u wanna place ur bazaar ur create it from that board and works like that AH, so from there it will make ur bazaar ready, and then the system "Auto place ur Bazaar" so the whole room will be more easier to look in, and this board should be connected to each market room, so this is how it should work, "u go to the board place ur items and the prices u wanna sell them for. > press done > press Activate > the system will auto place ur bazaar in a pro spot that will go along next to all well placed bazaars, "now for the buyers" u go to the board, > search for the item in there > this item is in the bla bla market room > u go there > search for the item again > lock target > will lock ur Target in the bazaar that u wanna buy the item from "will make it simple to find ur bazaar"

OR simply Create an AH.... we all know what i mentioned wont happen, and SE wont create an AH before 2-3 years, so stop day dreaming and go back to ur 3-6 hrs searching in markets for 1 item! ^_^
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Check the " Lodestone ", SE is working on a satisfactory fix as far as I'm concerned. :) Hang in there.

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Ignore him. He's just a very long-winded troll at this point.
#4scorpionb055, Posted: Oct 03 2010 at 10:35 AM, Rating: Sub-Default, (Expand Post) lol? ur calling me a troll coz im posting what i feel about the game?
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tldr.. plus there are like a million posts you're making and they are all really poorly written... just stop..
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It's actually fun to read the OP's post if you pretend Tracy Morgan is saying it out loud! Even with that, I couldn't read past the first couple sentences...

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