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Thaumaturge vs ConjurerFollow

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Most people who don't play a caster don't realize the main difference between these two jobs besides the spells. Conjurer has a circle effect on their spells meaning you have to only be around the target of the spell to receive the effects. Thaumaturge has a cone effect on their spells, meaning they have to be looking a you for you to receive the effect of the spell( Yes I'm looking at you archers).
Just wanted to put this out there.
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The shape of the AoE is applied to all spells as well. For instance, Cure cast by a thaumaturge results in a conical Cure, while Dia cast by a conjurer is a circular Dia.

It's also worth noting that the distance (radius) on the cone is much longer than the one for the circle. A thaumaturge can stand quite a ways back and target themselves to reach their whole party, but if a conjurer wants to hit themselves and their party everyone will have to be fairly close together. This also makes a big difference when trying to avoid hitting certain enemy targets with an AoE, as each class will have advantages in different situations.
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