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Love it... but solo? Follow

#1 Oct 03 2010 at 5:32 PM Rating: Good
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So I love the story mission so far. I love it! I mean how cool was the CS (For the people who did the rank 15 one) I mean a Cs with a voice over, followed by a battle that was slightly challenging. How cool was that am I right?

Hey bob, help me with this story mission... what? Oh... I have to go alone.... what? I can't even be in a party?

This game is amazing to me, and I do understand that it is early and there is content missing. But if this past story mission I did is an indication of what the rest of the story is going to be like I am going to be very disappointed.

I mean it had everything there too. Cool CS, lots of action, a hard fight.... but wait... I was fighting with the NPC... I couldn't bring my friends with me.

This game is really good. The battle system fixed alot of things that I didn't like about FFXI in the end. Was never a fan of the TP burn. But it is lacking alot of group content. Yay for solo... but I do not like the idea of paying 15 a month to play alone.

I hope SE adds more group content, group story missions. Just more grouping in general.
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#2 Oct 03 2010 at 5:39 PM Rating: Good
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I wonder how this battle will go if I use one of my two rank 15 classes: Armorer or Miner...
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