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now THIS if definatly oddFollow

#1 Oct 04 2010 at 6:49 AM Rating: Sub-Default
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okay when i played ffxi i used to dream i was playing ffxi when i slept i was that hooked..

a week and a half ago since the CE release ive been dreaming about ffxiv.. last night i had a very diffrent dream.

this is the most pequilar dream ive ever had. my dream was about this site zam. and ffxiv gen discussion and reading posts leaving comments ect ect..

so in essence im more hooked on posting about ffxiv then i am playing ffxiv. which kinda makes sence yesterday i spent more time reading topics and posting then i did actually playing..

well today my 5970 and my bro's 4870 should be delivered via newegg. he stopped playing cause he plays on my laptop and hates the lag as i only have a 230m

but this was in my dream last night i did a venturemark or w.e its called scan of my bro's pc

this wasnt a dream lol its the last thing i did before i went to bed. anyway his crossfired 1950xtx's which cant even run ffxiv scored 10.1k.. the new card he is getting today 4870 scores 10.8k so i dont see why he cant play and is being forced to upgrade....

my card however scores 31k on avg so i know ill be running 1080p with max settings on my 65inch tv lol.. cant watit for the delivery today.. ups generaly delivers abt 7pm for newegg orders so i got a good 11 hour wait ahead of me... im so excited maybe ill be able to dream abt ffxiv again lol

edit: for comparison reasons my current gt 230m scores 2024 so ill be seeing a huge impact on ffxiv with a 31k score and my bros 4870 scores 10.8k so he'll be also seeing a impact but not as huge as mine

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