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For those who cant find mobsFollow

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For those of you who cant find Mobs to kill im not understanding why. Ive been solo'ing and duo'ing so far up to level 14 Glad. Have not yet had a problem finding things to kill. Go out and explore, dont stay next to an Atherlyte(Spelled correctly?). Also dont just follow the path hoping to kill mobs. There is this whole hill in L.L. that has tons of those puffy little sheep. These can be kill from lvl 3 all the way to level 8 or 9 solo with great skill ups. And i do mean tons of them. There are tons of caves all over the place that have moles that respwan at a fast rate. Dont be affraid to travel to different regions as well... there are leveling location EVERYWHERE. Me and a friend found a place along the coast that crabs were con'ing blue to yellow. Not a single person was there.

Also if you cant kill anything higher than a Blue mob it may be due to your lack of skills. Not your personal skills.. but job skills. Ill explain. As Gladiator im 10PUG 10CON 10THURM 10MAR. Basics to equip are
*PUG Second wind(great way to get 150-250 extra HP
*CONJ Cure, Shock Spikes, Stoneskin(You get cure at like level 4.. this is a must)
*MAR Defender or even blood bath(although the return on bloodbath on another job isnt worth the slot)
*THURM Sacrifice and Punishing Barbs
These are just things to make my Gladiator better. There are tons of abilities to make other jobs just as awesome.

*** NOTE: Punishing barbs is awesome It returns 100% normal attack damage back to the mob. it hits you for 300... it takes 300. I have survived many hard fights with this. Put it on an just heal as the mob kills itself. I do beleive there is a cap on how much it will return. Had a mob use a special attack that did 800 dmg, but only returned 350 back to it.
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