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Thinking about buying FFXIVFollow

#1 Oct 04 2010 at 2:21 PM Rating: Decent
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So, I saw FFXIV in ebgames and I looked it up a little online and parts of it looked really promising. I work a lot so all I have time for is about 1-2 hours a day and I heard that some aspects cater towards casual gaming.

I also like the crafting/economy side of games but I find that most games pull it off really poorly. I really enjoyed ultima online the way you could just make a crafting character and I could still have fun playing the game without ever really fighting anything. I could mine my own ores and then use them to craft armors that I could sell. I didn't need to kill a bunch of monsters and get a bunch of money to be able to afford the materials to craft the armor first. Anyway I heard that FFXIV focused a lot on the crafting system and you are able to harvest your own resources to use for crafting. Also that this goes towards your characters level so you can pretty much level up and get stronger just by focusing on mining/smithing, I like the sound of that.

However, I've also heard a lot of bad things about the game. I've heard the user interface is horribly designed, too many menus to click through, it's laggy, etc. I've also heard the economy is gimped because there is no global item search, causing crafters who rely on items crafted by others to spend hours aimlessly searching retainers to find what they need. Also making it harder to sell items that you craft.

Anyway I'm really looking to get into a good RPG and I'm kind of on the fence with this one. Sounds like this game has the features I want in theory but maybe just executed them poorly. Is it really that annoying to play? Is the economy gimped? I've read some reviews that refer to the game as unfinished, unplayable, and more work than fun. Just looking for some feedback from people that have played to help me decide whether to get the game or not.

#2 Oct 04 2010 at 2:25 PM Rating: Decent
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It seems like this game might be perfect for you. But you also might hate it. The biggest issue is the trading system (or lack there of.) SE said they will be fixing the market wards to make things easier to find in a week or two, that should help a lot.

Honestly I would just pick up the game and try it out. I'm still on the fence about it, but there are plenty of people who love the game, you might be one of them.
#3 Oct 04 2010 at 2:26 PM Rating: Decent
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if you have the money just laying around and you are bored then just try it out for yourself. i'm personally not going to recommend it to anyone i know.
#4 Oct 04 2010 at 2:27 PM Rating: Decent
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Its a good game really BUT at this point I would suggest waiting a month or two post release for them to iron out some of the bigger issues. Of course if you try it now, you can always come back for a cheap $13

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