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Okay so I decided to take up weaving and picked up this quest from the adventurers guild so i can get started on weaving! I followed the steps to complete the leve up to the point where i gain access to the camps materials, but now i'm stuck! How do i open the clothes shop to get the materials? Or where is this npc Gatewarden Ludovraint? I looked everywhere for him around camp black bush because he supposidly supposed to give me the proper materials to make the hempen chauses. I tried to synthesize and clicked on "Requested Items" to make the chauses, but it said i don't have the proper materials!! So where do i get them and how do i do this levequest? -____- It's so vague and doesnt direct me on what to do.
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Ludovraint is at the camp black brush, with the low priority on NPC loading he likely just didn't load for you yet.

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Ludovraint is at Black Brush, he is north of Mimina who grants you access to the camps facilities. Most likely it is everyone crowding around him to do their crafting that is making it slow loading for you. When you talk to him, click ont he quest option and he will have you the goods you need to make the items. Then talk to Minina to get the facility hire and you can start crafting. I suggest moving a little way out of camp so you have less lag and interference with other characters

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