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F3rth wrote:

Auction house is easy mode.

This game is way too easy mode, I can't believe SE would go to such lengths to make it so even my hot pocket can pick up the controller and play. They really need to fix a couple things if this game hopes to remain competitive.

Auto Run, that's gotta go, being able to run without pressing down the forward key the whole time, can you say overpowered, I think we can all agree on this one.

Linkshells are you kidding me SE? Being able to talk to a group of your select friends and buddies you meet throughout the game!? Sheesh, if I wanted this easy mode crap I would've stuck with WoW lol noob game.

Hardware Mouse, okay this is the biggest offender in my book, implementing an easy mode way to click on things reliably without any skill or insane graphics card specs involved is clearly going to drive away a lot of customers, I don't think i'll be renewing my subscription when my free month is up if this isn't fixed.

At least the game got a couple things right, removing the AH adds far more skill to buying items, and selling them, and not being able to invite people if they aren't standing right next to you, or see your party members on your map really helps encourage teamwork.

Please Square, take out the easy mode crap, and make the game take skill to play!

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Pleas keep this discussion in the thread you're quoting from.
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