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Anyone lose shards due to UI-Lagg Monster?Follow

#1 Oct 04 2010 at 6:29 PM Rating: Default
This has happened to me 2x now.

I transfer shards to my retainer every day so I keep a buffer of at least 250 from the 999 cap on my character.

2x now I have transferred the DESIRED amount of shards of a certain type and hit the "accept" key and moved on to the next shard type, counted out how many to transfer over, and hit accept...RIGHT AS THE LAG CATCHES UP AND THE SHARD TYPE IS RESET TO THE LAST SHARDS AND THE AMOUNT IS 100% OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!

This cannot be undone once you hit "accept" and since the max number of shards you can have on ONE character is 999, that means....

Retainer has 630 earth shards
I transfer 33 earth shards to retainer
I switch to ice shards and transfer 42 and hit accept
right as I hit accept, shard type switches back to EARTH and the number transferred is 750
retainer can only hold 999 of any type of shard
Net loss= 414 Earth shards...PERMANENTLY LOST

They need to be redundant the way they are with crafting and ask you 2-3x "Are you sure? You will lose 414 Earth shards if you continue..." That or actually FIX the UI so it's not so %#@!&*% retarded.

/rant off

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