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Funny little TP hiccup.Follow

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I hadn't seen this happen to anyone yet, just encountered it, mildly amusing.
Nowhere hear as cool as Archers killing themselves with WS, though.

Was in a party for L20 Leve @ Camp Horizon.

Was me, and the party leader. There was another person in the party but he was somewhere I don't know where.

Anyways, we get the leve and start fighting. No XP. No SP. I was pretty sure I was with the Leader, and double checked, and I was. So it wasn't because of the party leader being in another area.
BUT. The weird thing was, I would shoot, get 450~ TP, and immediately, it would drop to 0. Shoot, get TP. Drop to 0. So I couldn't get a WS off.

After we fought a few Footpads and Raiders, the leader finally kicked the person who wasnt by us. Suddenly all my TP was staying, and we got SP and XP. I don't know if maybe the other person had originally been the leader, and it was passed before I joined, at which I could understand the no XP/SP as just a lag glitch, but I have never seen or heard of not being able to get TP because someone is in another zone.

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