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Yay!! Auto-sort and AH's are back!!Follow

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Oh wait.. no, accidentally logged into my FFXI account

Seriously, I do like this game, I just want auto-sort and an improvement to the UI lag and I would be happy. AH's aren't even necessary in FFXIV - the Market thing would work fine if there was a way to search the vendors (guess that would kinda make it like the AH).

I have no problems as well with me needing to harvest my own materials to craft and make items - I just wish we had more slots to hold crafting materials. Maybe make a "secondish" type of bag like crystals and shards and anything that can be used for crafting gets put into there.

I think this game will be different in a month or two - I can't see SE not seeing everyone's gripes with the game as it currently stands.

There is a thread already on the 1st page here discussing things like this. Please use the search function.

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/ma "burn" <Tanstalas1>
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RyderDecree wrote:
/ma "burn" <Tanstalas1>

Menu, Actions and Traits, Equip "Burn" to main hand. Wait. Wait a bit... Action bar, left arrow, "Burn", You are not facing the target.
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