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Understanding DoL/DoH Item StatsFollow

#1 Oct 05 2010 at 4:58 AM Rating: Good
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One of the things I find a bit confusing are the stats on items for both DoL and DoH.

Magic Craftmanship and Craftmanship I assume they both help in crafter but I have no idea about the difference between both. Is Craftmanship for main hand and Mag. Craft for off hand? And what do they actually influnce? Increase rate of completion, increase in quality, keeping the crystal stable?

Output is an easy one I think, to me it seems it increases the ammount of DoL/DoH return upon sucessfully obtaining an item.

Control is a mistery to me, the only idea I get from comon sense and the name of the stat is that it might influence the crystal and how stable/unstable it becomes.

Basically I would like to launch the question forward and hopefully there are some people out there which have looked into this and maybe experimented...


#2 Oct 05 2010 at 5:44 AM Rating: Decent
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Control sounds like what you descri be. Craftsmanship I guess helps increase success rate.

I want to know what perception/scan does tho.
#3 Oct 05 2010 at 5:51 AM Rating: Good
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from what i understand perception determines how quickly you receive things while harvesting. i.e. how fast you get "the right spot" that yields loot on your mining strike meter for example.

control determines how successful you are when you synth. higher control means higher chance for success. craftsmanship i think determines the quality of the finished product. it probably has an effect on whether you HQ or not, but i cant say for certain.
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#4 Oct 05 2010 at 6:15 AM Rating: Decent
In that ask the Dev interview on crafting, they refer to the stabilization of the crystal as "controlling" it... which would lead me to believe that having a higher control stat will result in longer periods of the crystal being a solid color.

As far as the others go, no idea. Craftsmanship seems like it would be success rate. Maybe Mag. Craftsmanship is for "magical" items (CON/THM weapons, perhaps some accessories, alchemy, etc) and Craftsmanship is for the more mundane items (Swords, armor, shields, parts, etc.). The other idea I had was that Mag. Craftsmanship was tied to the various elements related to crafting, increasing the bonuses (if any) for the points we put in wind, fire, etc. and Craftsmanship increases the bonuses (if any) we get from the physical/mental stats.

I have no idea what perception could do. It doesn't seem to be linked to anything I can think of from DoH off the top of my head. I haven't touched DoL, but that seems a much more logical option.

I also haven't really tested any of this though as I don't really have the time.
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