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#1 Oct 05 2010 at 6:17 AM Rating: Decent
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I've looked through all the threads on the first couple of pages and have missed or couldn't find any threads for beginners. What people should do when they start out and what sort of goals should be made for someone who spends x amount of time in the game. This isn't quite that thread because its mostly me asking questions about the game instead of giving everyone a low down of how things work...

I started playing a couple days ago although Ive only spent maybe 3 to 4 hours in the game so far. One of the things Id love to know is how or where I can get various weapons to change my class. So far I was able to find a vendor who sells an axe of some sort. Though the axe costs about 1200 gil. So I'm guessing all the starter weapons will be similar? And if thats the case then it'll be similar for crafting tools as well. How are people making any money? What cities are more starter friendly for new players.. These sort of questions should be asked and answered to make things easier for new people to the game.

Now before anyone throws any mud at me. I am an experienced MMO player. And I used to play FFXI way back when. I was a PLD in full Koenig (though I wore legs from that giant Chimera in Sky...I forget his name...they gave me speed increase of 25% or something). Anywho...I havent started to get serious with the game yet and might even delete my character and start another. But I'm curious as to what everyone else thinks. Because this game has a steeper learning curve than FFXI in my opinion. Or maybe I'm just used to skill chains, etc. lol

I chose Uldah btw....A little confusing on the maps. And please take into consideration that I never played the Beta or it's all new to people like myself.
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Awesome and welcome to a great game.. Dont be swayed with all the negative vibes from various posters about issues, now there are issues but they will all be helped in time.

You started in Uldah I will link Sephs Uldah Guide and Beginners Guide because I think they are very well put together.
Beginner :'s_Beginner's_Guide_-_Basics

Not sure if you like spoilers or helping hints, but here is the guide to the first few Missions (FFXI verbage) or storyline Quest as they are called in FFXIV. (Set as spoiler for those who dont wanna be tempted by the link.)'Dah_Plot_Quests

I would suggest you complete the first portion of storyline that will net you some gil.
It will introduce you to how leves work. On a side note, if you do any of the tutorial leves and you are planning on mainly being DoW/oM makes sure you dont accidentally pick up a DoH/oL leve in the tutorial section.
After that begin the DoW/oM leve for the ~1 area (Camp Bearded Brush) which you be directed too in the first mission/storyline.

If you look on your map there are 2 Store/Shops as we will call them: Bric-A-Brac and The Radius. These two shops will sell all the starting WEAPONS. If you want the DoH/oL tools you will need to visit vender stalls or the actual Guilds of that DoH/oL. The vendor stalls will be denoted with a sign as well as there will be a display of materials in respect to its contents. (ie: carpenter has boards and lumber all over the place, armorer has body armor and helms on display at the shop)

Its a fun game, it does not hold your hand, but there is tons to do and lots of folks to do things with.

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