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Do you fight with 1/xxxxx durability too?Follow

#1 Oct 05 2010 at 7:55 AM Rating: Excellent
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All my gear are at durability 1/xxxxxx and i am still using them. Is Gear Damage penalty significant enough to really matter?
I tried repairing at the npc but they were way over priced and the npc could only repair up to 75% durability max, and I figured it wasn`t worth the price cause the weapon durability drops to 1% in just a few hrs of hunting. Armor can last a bit longer but weapons decay really fast.
Tried putting up my gear for repair on my retainer before i logged off but when i logged back in the next 2 day no one repaired it. And then the retainer could only have 10 bazaar items so i am torn between putting up items for sale or for repairs.
And so I decided to try leveling up crafting to do repairs myself. From 1-10 it is pretty fast, just need to make use of the crafting levels but after that it becomes exponentially harder to increase each lvl. So I stopped lvling at around lvl10 crafting, but at least i am able to repair my tier 1 weapons now, even though it is not so simple still, as i need to spend like a few hours to look through retainers since there is no AH, to get the ingredients required to do the repairs. And then to my dismay once i upgrade to a tier 2 weapon my lvl 10 craft is not high enough to do the repairs and also i need to spend hours again to search thru retainers for the ingredient required to repair the new gear.
And so I thought to myself WTF do i have to spend 95% of my playtime searching for items and doing crafting, instead of going out to adventure and kill stuff which is what i enjoy most. Now i dun even care about repairing anymore since its requires too much work, unfortunately everytime i upgrade a piece a gear, i still have to repair the old piece to 100% before i can resell it, really a pain.
And so i go out to party and kill , ingoring my 1/xxxxxx gear, lvl20 DoW, and there are no party's out there! No quest either other than the 36h repeatable ones, only thing i can do is look for the lower lvl blue mobs and grind non stop, it seems like at lvl 20 the mobs either con low blue if not RED! I am thinking whether to continue my subscription......
Anyone in the same boat?

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I don't even understand how gear damage works. It came up on my screen after a successful synth... I just ignored it.

I haven't noticed any changes to fishing (I only have fishing gear, I'm not scouring bazaars paying silly prices for other stuff), so I can't say for sure.

But I haven't even seen any explanations on it. Nothing to point me towards a repair NPC. And... I *think* I've spoken to every NPC in Ul'Dah. But I guess I've missed one or two...
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I'm curious where you're finding mob camps dense enough to completely wear your weapon down in just a few hours. I usually go days between repairing, and that's just the first notification, not all the way down to 1%. It must be literally non-stop fighting. Would you mind sharing your camps?

Also, this game is designed to be very inter-dependent. SE does not want anyone to be able to do everything. If you want to venture out and kill stuff all day, you need to find a crafting friend to repair your gear for you. It's a hassle right now because search functions suck, but try shouting in town for a crafter and offer a reasonable reward. Or put your damaged gear in your bazaar overnight. I'm sure someone will bite. Just don't expect to be able to do everything by yourself.


But I haven't even seen any explanations on it. Nothing to point me towards a repair NPC. And... I *think* I've spoken to every NPC in Ul'Dah. But I guess I've missed one or two...

He's a lalafell near the north gate. You'll see a bunch of people crafting around him too because he offers crafting support.

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#4 Oct 05 2010 at 8:16 AM Rating: Good
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I've been leaving my gear broken because I'm too lazy to have it fixed, and I haven't noticed any severe negative effects yet. Maybe if I repaired it I'd be a god among Miqo'te, but I'm not going to hold my breath.

If you can't find a partner to duo with (nobody's grouping because skill point gain in groups is a bit sketchy right now), just try attacking red mobs until you find ones that you can survive against. The con function isn't terribly accurate. Like, I'm Rank 10 GLA but Physical Level 18 because I'm also MIN 11, PUG 10, BTN 10, THM 8, etc. and dodos con red to me, with nothing to distinguish them from the hordes of other red enemies out there, but it turns out I can kill them easily.
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well at level 20 in cassiopeia's hollow, I break my weapon after about 3 hours. There are huge implications to a broken weapon, the worst being that at 1 durability, exp gain is cut in half. Also, as you lose durability, your accuracy and damage are also affected.
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Unfortunately without much information this is only speculation on my part and it could totally be the whole placebo effect as well.

I noticed I was missing a lot and getting hit for a lot when I was fighting dodos with the red "Severe Damage" debuff on my screen.

I noticed my axe and a couple of pieces of gear were very low in durability. I repaired it and didn't feel like I was missing a lot nor getting tagged for that much damage.

It could have been that the mob I was fighting was a higher level than his other counterparts and that would explain me missing and taking so much damage. It may have been just bad luck. It may have been that durability affects accuracy and defense. It may just all be in my head.

Whatever the case may be. I take my goldsmith hammer, my needle, and my blacksmith hammer with me when I EXP. I repair my gear as soon as I see the yellow "Gear Damage" debuff.
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I can't post the conclusive proof yet, but I can tell you that when fighting with 1 durability you will do a great deal less damage and have a much lower accuracy percentage. I'm not certain if it is curved (each decrease in durability decreases stats) or if it only changes at certain percentages.

I should note that I'm also not certain if this decrease comes simply by having the heavy damage debuff icon or if this will only happen if your weapon is extremely damage, but my (unscientific) tests have shown that even with all of your gear at 1 and your weapon at full durability is much better than everything at 1.

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