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50002 The proper options must be addedFollow

#1 Oct 05 2010 at 1:41 PM Rating: Default
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I get this 50002 The proper options must be added to a FINAL FANTASY XIV service account before a character can be created. Return to the login screen and access the Square Enix Account Maragemment Syster to add Options.

I have been on the option and added it but still I get this when I try to log onto the game, I've now got my 30 trial started and a month paid and still can't get on.
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Did you make sure to add a character slot and you didn't just subscribe for the basic subscription?
christopher "pwyff" tom | @Pwyff
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Can you please just make one topic and stay in it? **** ...
Rinsui wrote:
Yep. Every netbook with an atom processor nowadays plays WoW.
****, I am sure with some tweaking it would run on an iphone.
Or even on the LCD display of my microwave.
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