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Issues with setting up paymentFollow

#1 Oct 06 2010 at 7:43 PM Rating: Decent
I have seen a few threads about this but none of them really seem to relate to my problem. It is coming up on the end of the 30 day trial and I am having issues setting up a subscription for FFXIV. I have set payment up as a crysta account because I have no desire to pay click and buys hidden fees. I have decided to go the square enix currency route to avoid this entirely. To do this you must work through the cooperative effort of paypal and yet another 3rd party company called Playspan. The issue occurs after I attempt to purchase crysta. It doesn't matter how much I attempt to buy but after the transaction I get an error saying that the credit card was declined and no matter what credit card I use it's always the same error. After having verbal conversations will my both of my credit card companies, SE, paypal, and playspan I have deducted that this is playspans issue. But the problem herein is that they have no intention of fixing it, or so it seems, and I am either left at the mercy of click and buy or thrown the minor inconvienence of having to buy ultimate game cards. But before I do this, I was wondering if anyone else was having as much issue as buying crysta from Ultimatepay/Playspan as I was. If so, did you solve it and how did you go about doing it? On the subject of Ultimate Game cards has anyone actually successfully used these to set up crysta for the game to feed off of? Thanks.

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