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#1 Oct 06 2010 at 10:28 PM Rating: Decent
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I'm talking here about leves. It seems to me that what SE intended leves to be and what we are doing with them are 2 totally different things. Also they so far leave a lot to be desired for "epicness"

SE idea of a leve: The opening cut scene. This is pretty awesome. A guy on a great adventure fighting with friends to take down an epic looking mob in a hard fun fight. So we have: Normal guy risking his life for glory and gil. Pretty sweet.

The way we do it/the way it is: wait for timers to be up. Smoke through weak mobs for 6 minutes solo and claim the rewards.6X8= 48 minutes and another probably 20 running/resetting etc. So in under 2 hours even for slow pacing it a 34+ hour countdown begins. Not much fun was had. No epic mobs(At least yet in mine) have been killed. Some rat got squashed. Most people don't group. SE has stated a few times that blowing them down solo was not intended. It is how it is done though. So we have: Normal gamer smoking down easy content leaving himself with not much to do as it was intended to take a good chunk of time out of the 36 hours.

So what needs to happen here?


SE: needs to make these things more than some weak norm con mobs that appear in a set place and get zerged. It would be sweet if there was some NM type mob with some kind of story and you have to follow a trail to hunt it down or something of the like. Give it a little skill/timesink manhunt clue processing action with an epic feel to it and a nice FF story. I mean with a FF story where do you go wrong? This could be swapped up in any number of ways to make an interesting timesink of a quest that isn't badger badger badger badger mushroom mushroom style. Maybe they're awesome at 50. I'm not there. Maybe there is a pack of lvl 50 marmots waiting for me to make 6 minute cash off of them. I dunno.

US: Assuming the leves get a bit better, we need to stop just crapping all over the intended way of play I don't think one of these can happen without the other. Clearly SE intended the level system to be like the opening cutscene but with more hilarious lalafell death and a good time had by all members of a prepared party.

I think this system has potential. It isn't what it could be tho methinks.

What do you guys think?
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Wow. I'm posting too much today. May be an indicator I don't want to work.

Yes, I also think the leve system is by far less impressive than they made it sound. Basically it's just run-kill-run-zerg for 20 minutes. And since you feel like "missing out" on something if you don't do them (and have to travel to all 3 cities to catch 'em all), they are more like a "daily hassle" than a daily bonus. And the constant battle-type music played throughout doesn't make things any more relaxed either.

Btw, is there a way to replace in-game music?
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Rinsui wrote:
Btw, is there a way to replace in-game music?

Turn down the game music and play something else in the background :p

But back on topic, I do enjoy the soloability of leves (otherwise it's FFXI all over again if it forces you to party), but they do lack a certain epic flair. ****, they don't even have to be "epic" just more fun than they are. Right now I have more of a thrill searching the area for those blue chests than I do killing the actual targets.

Speaking of targets, the difficulty curve is still off. You either demolish mobs or they demolish you. It's rare to find a decent middle-ground which makes me feel like I'm wasting my Favor when the mob dies too fast for it to matter or I can't kill the mob anyway so it doesn't help.
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