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After some research it was established that one should visit the markets and the retainers there in order to find gear for the characters. Said and done, i was off to the market wardas in Limsa Lominsa, and got confused even before zoning in since there was a bunch of different instances with different names. I zoned in to the top one since i thought that this is the place where most people place their mules - which was quite accurate.

As a conjurer with 30 000 gil i was set out to buy some armor, a wand and some accessories. But when i zoned in, there were so many mules in there it was unbearble to move around. It took me almost 2 hours before i had completed my purchases, and it was extremly frustrating that there was no way what so ever to see who was selling waht - everything was completely random. Is there any "practise" here, like armorers are in one instance and weaponsmiths in another? It makes no sense at all to spend 2 hours just browsning through retainers who are selling the exact same materials for the same prices. And since retiners are unmanned - you can't really ask anyone in the market wards.

An AH would solve all these problems in an instant, and give us more time to craft and grind.

My 2c
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I would advice only buying "wheatered" weapons and tools from vendors and then do some local quest and levequests. Most gear are expensive and most gear you can craft pretty early by your own when leveling some craft classes (leatherworker and weaver for example). Most material/parts you can buy from other players. Well at least i enjoy this way most, then buying gear from other players.

And as for AH, well yeah, i think most people will vote for that one and it has been discussed many times before.

EDIT: What Khornette is suggesting is also a good way :-)

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You can do much better by searching all those players gathering near the Repair NPC/adventurer guild in each city. At least you can see:
1. The tools they are carrying, hence most likely their wares.
2. The relative level of their wares. If a guy wearing cotton/canvas crafter clothes (mostly white), chances are he will sell finished product of a decent level, not something like 100k Marmot meat.

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