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All mmo's are the suxFollow

#1 Oct 08 2010 at 3:29 AM Rating: Decent
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Lets be serious, every mmo in the future is gonna suck...I dont care how good the game is at release. Why? Because the MMO community is spoiled rotten from their years experience from prior mmo's. The bar is set so high for new mmo's comming out to compete with games that have been out for years. What does the community have to compare to when a new mmo comes out? It doesnt even have to be ffxiv...take age of conan...aion.. warhammer...***** ***** fu***n ***** cuz game X isnt as polished as the game u played for 5+yrs. Ive yet to see one legitamte comparison between ffxiv release to the release of FFXI or WOW- being the most common comparison. Noone says shi* about how ffxi didnt have an auction till 6 months after release....or the unstable servers of wow and ffxi's release...or how their wasnt shi* to do in WoW but pvp at tauren mill..list goes on and on....

For a mmmo to have a good release, apparently, the game needs to have an infinite bank roll and be developed for over 10 yrs. My gosh that sounds pretty practical to me.....genious..

All sarcasm aside..if you dont like ffxiv.. i dont blame just as spoiled as the rest of the community. With that said, I also understand that mmo's need time to develop....maybee you should too....unless, of course, you enjoy bouncing aroun from mmo to mmo. And if <----this is you....bad news....your never gonna find a new mmo to make you happy.

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It's just that most MMOs coming out are trying to replicate people's experience with prior mmo's and cash in on the trend, rather than trying to create a unique mmo experience. Guild Wars 2 looks to be taking the genre in an interesting direction, but until we actually get our hands on the game, they're just promises.

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Really? How many iterations of this topic are going to be rehashed?

Smiley: oyvey

I can appreciate your intentions, but the first page of this forum alone is littered with this exact topic. Please stop reiterating the subject.
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