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I love ffxiv
by Sander, Tizian. Berlin,2010.

You know, this is one of these typical love stories...

One of this kind,
which sometimes lets you fly,
and other times it makes you cry.

It started all somewhere in December,
year one thousand nine hundred ninety and eight,
I was just seventeenth years old,
and I had to wait.

One year later we were far.
It was simple „wunderbar“!

Through the eyes of Cloud,
with Barret alongside,
I traveled across Gaia´s planet-side.

Two years later,
year two thousand,
I was twenty,
and she had went.

My soul was broken.
And my heart with her token!

Without aims,
and what to do,
nothing seeming really true.

Another two years later,
year two thousand and two,
I was twenty two,
and just met you.

So well we were together.
But nothing serious ever!

Squall you are not a moron,
and that is for true.
It is nothing against you.

Three years later,
year two thousand and six,
I was twenty five,
and had Final Fantasy X.

Not much to do.
A lot of time!

Tidus and Wakka and Lulu and Yuna and Auron and Kimahri and Rikku,
traveled together with me to Zanarkand,
and we were a great band!

After two years,
year two thousand and eight,
I was twenty seven,
and you bait.

No time.
You would never be mine!

I was a dancer,
and a warrior,
Vana´diel I adore.

One year later,
year two thousand and nine,
I was twenty eight,
and I had my life to align.

One big vision.
No revision!

One big aim,
know what to do,
it was true.

Now today,
year two thousand and ten,
I am twenty nine,
and I am using my pen.

I know my way.
Lets play!

Now we are just some poor cooks,
and fishers and tailors and miners and leather-workers and blacksmiths,
wearing rubbish in Eorzea are no myths.

by Sander, Tizian. Berlin,2010.

I hope you enjoy this little word play as much,
as I did enjoy writing it.

Tizian Sander

facebook link:!/profile.php?id=100001509765026

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I have no clue what this means, but you're being defaulted by folks. It looks like it took effort so I'm rating you up... even if I have no clue what I'm rating up.
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I did not enjoy it. Please don't do this again.
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