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Anyone dissapointed with the Story + Missions? (spoilers)Follow

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So I've only done gridania's story and so far i have -really- liked parts of it, but i just finished the level 26 mission and realized how ridiculous this game actually is.


So basically:
You randomly start in gridania, meet 2 ppl from who knows where and realize you have woodsin.
OK. good start.
You fight an elemental (and its a horribly designed mission which explains nothing)
things keep going well untill just before you are sent to the "secret club". Then you realize that the political situation in gridania is completely random. Nothing is really explained. You aren't told who makes decisions, who has power, etc. There is some priest guy and apparently people look to him, but he doesn't seem to make every decision. In other words, theres a nice story with almost NO background other than wood sin and elementals.

K so then you go to the epic secret club in ul'dah, figure out your some super person who has magical powers to see the past, etc. You pick your partner and wait till lvl 26.

Then at level 26 you have an epic battle with garlean forces to save a sylph egg. Up to this point i dont think anyone has heard of sylphs from ANYWHERE. its like the randomly just stuck them into the game and are like "oh btw, this is a race that lives in the forest". So you do an entire mission where you ...... sneak past garlean forces. This is the biggest joke ever since all you have to do is run by their side. I tried killing one just for fun and guess what.... its like fighting a lvl 20 mob. So the big mighty garlean army has soldier's who can be wtf-pwnd by a rank 26 marauder. Oh, there was also a bunch of those walking airships in the cutscenes that never appeared in the actual mission. Further, the mission doesn't tell you what to do other than reach a certain point, your npc companion DOES NOT HELP YOU AT ALL, and out of all the special spells the sylphs say they will give you, you get TWO.

So overall, up to rank 26 the missions are really lame, and the story is good but has no depth at all and jumps from plot line to plot line. Its kinda like if you skipped from the start of FF7 to halfway through the game ignoring what happens in between, and then skip to the end.

When you compare this to FFXI storylines like COP, TOAU, WOTG, and even the lame mini-expansions like moogle coup d'etat, its a joke....The missions are short, none so far have been anything near epic or cool, and the story is shallow.
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Azurymber wrote:
Its kinda like if you skipped from the start of FF7 to halfway through the game ignoring what happens in between, and then skip to the end.

*which actually makes FF7 a better game in my opinion*

But back on topic, Limsa's storyline is pretty good, granted I've only seen up to the rank 10 mission. What I'd like to know is how do you see the other cities' stories?
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Quit posting spoilers. Or, at least put spoiler tags in your post.

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oh really?
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apparently you didn't see the capitalized and bolded
or the (spoilers) in the topic....
learn 2 read
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Ul'dah's story line has been pretty decent as far as I've seen it (just started the rank 20 mission tonight...gogo armorer). I'm waiting to see what happens after the chick from the merchant ward gets back to me about my questing fellow, but so far it has been pretty decent. It's a bit confusing at first (it is an SE plot arch, after all) but it's already starting to fill in quite nicely.

The leadership of Ul'dah had been sending people to the various different ruins and places of battle with the Garleans (Ala Mihgo comes to mind) and on their way back, there was an accident in some mines and one of their "researchers" was killed. The researcher wasn't alone, however. He was accompanied by the thaumaturge you saw at the entry sequence to the game who lost control of the goobbue in the streets of Ul'dah. The thaumaturge was exiled over the whole shenanigan.

The researcher had a daughter that one of the key NPCs decided to look after. At one point she runs away and meets up with the goobbue thaumaturge guy and when you and the friendly NPCs catch up to him, he warns you that something far worse than the Garleans is coming and then blows a horn that summons some coblyn-type mobs to fight you while he runs away. Afterwards, the leadership of Ul'dah decides they wanted to know what this researcher knew so they got in touch with some crafty thaumaturges from the guild who were going to perform a ceremony to bring the guy back to life and pick his brain, only just before the ceremony, one of the Ul'dah's head guys looked into the casket of the researcher and was like, "AMG NO!!" and then someone snuck up behind him and poked him with a sword before you could find out what was happening. You find a bit about what the Echo is and how it allows your character to "visit" the memories of people and even participate in them in some way, which means you're basically traveling back in time to various different events of significance. That's what a lot of the story events're actually going back into the memories of the NPCs around you and learning about their past.

So there.
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