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#1 Oct 09 2010 at 9:54 AM Rating: Decent
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The topic " Is NY Comic Con the Last Chance for FFXIV " was a well written and thought out opinion. It got me to thinking of my past experiences over the last 30+ years, ever since my son was 7 yrs old.

It was he who introduced me to the old Atari gaming console. I was introduced to Mainframe Computers while serving in the Navy and introduced to PC computers when upgrading was a not possibility. In other words .... I'm not an expert, just an "OLD" hand at gaming.

My first really fond memories begin with the " Ultima " series, Stick Figured NPC's to graphic marvels. Richard Garriot knew his stuff, unfortunately he sold out to " name to not be repeated here " and downhill it went.

I don't remember when I played my first FF game but it was a trip back to Ultima in it's heyday for me. Each FF I've played has pushed the envelope further with each installment. My poor wife never understood my need for upgrade after upgrade of my computers components. I played FFXI for approximately 6 months, but just never liked the "Group" oriented play or the loss of experience upon death. With the release of FFXIV I made myself a commitment. I would learn to play in a linkshell, and I'd die just as much as I wanted.

I can't find anything about the game "Right Now" that will keep me from playing beyond the free period. Sure there are some things that need attention, but nothing that can't be reworked. Instant gratification isn't one of my playing habits. I can grind with the best of 'em and still enjoy the game.

In closing I just have to say, the complaints are now redundant and the issues are known. I DO think SE will address them without compromising their vision for the game itself.

LOL, this has got to be the most I've ever written in a thread. Enjoy the game peeps and recognize the glass as half full.

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