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Is there a safe traveling map?Follow

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I am not very high in level yet, only rank 10 Pug. I have been doing my crafting leves for cooking/Alchy. which so far have been pretty easy. Upon completing several (I assume) rank 5's, it tell me to head to "Camp Nine Ivies" to complete. I have died several times attempting to go to the camp by birds. Seriously I get 1 square away from camp then I get one shotted. I have tried watching the paths and sneaking, I have walked along the walls, even waited till others just walked by, nothing. One that really got me, I was watching a buzzard fly away, I creep along the wall, and get killed through the wall by the same one I was watching, that magically appeared behind me.

Are there maps with paths that have no aggro monsters yet? I cannot seem to find any myself. I know there is google maps, but they just show locations.
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In a word, no.

Generally speaking, there is no such thing as 'safe travel' in FFXIV, just as the entire space of EVE Online is not 'safe,' despite there being 'high-security systems.'

Area transitions are generally limited to one path, but even that is wide enough to avoid aggro spawns.

I've found that with the obscure R30 and R40 camps (I believe Camp Nine Ivies is one of them) there tends to be two or three paths that all link back together.

My advice to you would be to check your map regularly, and keep a lookout for aggressive spawns (like Buzzards.) Once they leave, move quickly through and never look back.

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