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#1 Oct 09 2010 at 6:12 PM Rating: Good
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Just wanted to take a minute to share my website to help those who are just getting started in FFXIV. I was originally just going to post a few of my guides, but I received permission from the admins this week to start one thread to announce the site. It seems that many people are frustrated with the game, so maybe a few walkthroughs will help.

FFXIVenturer was created to help new players through their first 10 ranks of gameplay. It's not very fancy, but it loads fast and is one of the few websites I've seen with individual Levequest walkthroughs. Please keep in mind it is a work in progress though, especially the crafting levequests. Also, the rewards and objectives will be different every time you repeat a local levequest, but the instructions should be basically the same. New levequests are being added daily.

The website also has walkthroughs for the first 3 storyline quests in each starting city, as well as general tips and some short guides for each discipline and class. More will be added soon. Thanks to everyone who has already visited, and I hope it helped to make your first 10 levels a little easier.

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Just checked out your site, looks pretty good. Some pictures would make it look nicer but it still seems like it was a lot of work. Good job!
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Thanks! I'm trying to stay away from using pictures though because it's easier on people who are looking up guides while playing FFXIV. The game has gotten better, but still seems to crash enough on its own. My husband also checked it out on his iPhone and says it would be good for people who want to read guides on their phone while they play.
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