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Anyway to do these/are these possible?Follow

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I started playing this a couple of days ago and am enjoying it so far.

having leveled my main class a little i figured i'd give one of gathering classes a try with an eye for trying the crafting classes later, having reached my guildleve limit for the day i run around killing monsters i find and mining whever i come across a deposit. It's working but switching classes is slow and cumbersome by going through the gear menu, is there any method of switching weapon/class quickly?

I've noticed HP regenerates when not in active mode but MP does not. This is cutting my Grinding sessions short, is there anyway to regenerate mp without using consumables/visiting a camp?

Laslty now that i'm mining on top of grinding monsters my inventory is filling up rapidly and it's a mess, is there anyway to organise inventory alphabetically/by item type?

Given the current state of the game i wouldn't be surprised if the above are not possible at this time but figured it would be worth asking and of course if i have missed a guide somewhere point me in that direction and i'll read up on it.

P.S if anyone is looking for a friend/LS member i'm on Cornelia, feel free to talk to me IGN: Sevalle Rotherkin
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1. making a macro is best for this /equip main "item name here" will change your main hand so you can switch classes quickly (if ya want i can list all the equipment macro commands)

2.Thamturage and conjurer both get a skill to restore mp (although its on a 10 minute timer) and a weapon skill at 10 that does damage and recovers MP.

3. Nope there is no normal way to organize your inventory, the only way at the moment is to give all your items to your retainer then pull them back out in the order you want.

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1. For switching classes quickly, you can use macros, which are in the Configuration section once you open the menu window. The command is as follows: /equip main "Weathered Cane"

That command would equip the weapon Weathered Cane to your main hand, switching your class immediately. You can only switch weapons when in passive mode.

2. Conj/Thaum classes have abilities that regen MP. Using those abilities or consumables is the only way to recoup MP without the crystals.

3. No menu sorting yet. It sucks. You do have access to a retainer which can be hired from an NPC in the Adventurer's Guild. They have 80 slots plus 10 for their bazaar, same as the player. What helps me is giving items I won't be using, like crafting tools and mats for those crafts to my retainer to hold while I'm gathering/doing leves. I also try and vendor anything that won't sell quickly on my bazaar.
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Thanks for the replies, i didn't even know the macro menu was there, i've tried it and it works a charm.
Good to know i've got an MP spell incoming, just have to grind some more mobs i guess.

No way to sort inventory really sucks but is not entirely unexpected.
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