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So, I just had something peculiar occurFollow

#1 Oct 10 2010 at 8:14 PM Rating: Good
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I just had to close my account for money reasons more than anything else. (Seriously hurting for cash right about now) and I discovered something that people should keep in mind.

Once you've canceled your account, you can no longer log into it, as you could in FFXI, WoW or pretty much any other MMO that I've played in the past. I was about to log back in and pass a friend a couple of items that I had crafted for her, but now I can't.
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yeah multiple people have been complaining about this, sorry it happened.
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i canned my account on the 2nd but 2 days ago i thought i would try and do something in game but i got that same error message.
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Well, that's not right at all, it's still on free trial...I'm sorry to hear that it's being difficult for you and other people =/

#5 Oct 10 2010 at 8:50 PM Rating: Excellent
Bad news guys, I think you probably canceled the service itself and not the characters. If you canceled your service then you pretty much terminated IE "deleted" your account. I think during account creation or somewhere in the manual anyway, it states that if you cancel your service it terminates your account. To actually cancel the charges for FFXIV you need to actively cancel your characters, not the service. It's pretty much the same for your POL account. If you chose to shut down your POL account it terminates your service (And account.) altogether. In this case all you can do is contact SE and try to get them to restore your service then manually cancel each character. Good luck.

EDIT: Just looked thru it. Apparently your account isn't actually lost. When you cancel the FFXIV service account it cancels it and you are no longer allowed access. However you CAN still use characters until their expiration. To do so, you need to reactivate the account. NA manual, Pg.21.

In short, just cancel the the characters via the Options on the service account page. To permanently cancel the account after just deactivate it again. But in order to keep logging into the account you MUST keep the service account active until the character expiration. My curiosity however is if they still charge a $9.99 base fee even if no characters are active but the service account is.

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I just cleared my card information and it said clearing will just stop auto charging on my account. I didn't have to cancel anything.
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