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To CrazyOrc,
{in response the the BS that you fed us from Comparing FF11 to FF14 thread}

I just found another person in life who seems to disagree just for attention, and his name is Crazyorc.

-You see graphics from casting your magic spells besides maybe a .3 second color flash? because no matter what computer I look at this game on it's still the same, Don't be a liar.

-You don't see anything wrong with the weapon stats and the cheesy gear swap page with no options to compare gear window to window? So you're just one of those acceptors in life that take what is given to them and play no role in the forming or improvement of it.

-Lol, there are all kinds of leve's to do ha? why didn't they just call this game "The leve's" and save FF face then.

-I just ask that people who defend this game or the companies direction become honest with themselves first.

-I ask anyone who spend 2k on new rigs and subscribed to a more expensive internet service if they feel like they are happy with the game, was it worth spending 2k on? Do you come home from work/school and get right online excited to play FF14 leves?

-Doesn't anyone notice that most of the Blogs are converting over to how bad the game is? look, sometimes the first 2 pages are filled with negative comments on this game.

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Why do people constantly feel the need to **** up the entire FFXIV forums with this kind of crap?
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