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#52 Oct 12 2010 at 9:43 PM Rating: Decent
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^ I couldnt agree more, how could that be their last response for an update and neglect to
talk about the major issues that are at hand... I really just dont get it.
#53 Oct 12 2010 at 9:59 PM Rating: Decent
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Ok my complaints....

Ability to know what is req to make items without being forced to be in windowed mode with a website open to look it all up annoying.

Yes repeated worthless market system doesnt have to be AH....yes hear they working on it needs organization.

UI yea slow and irritating fixable.

other than that my other complaint is everyone complaining that the game needs this needs that because of what they experienced in other games and are too lazy to learn a new game and new system. thats the biggest complaint I have

#54 Oct 12 2010 at 10:44 PM Rating: Good
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People aren't too lazy to learn a new game or system, believe me, or no one would buy the game at release. Most are not lazy, but instead they have the WTF factor from this game. A good example is WTF, I transferred an item to my retainer, but because I moved my mouse up after the exchange, it transferred the other item instead. It is akin to sorting your laundry and then suddenly having a soup bowl spawn in your laundry basket.
#55 Oct 12 2010 at 10:59 PM Rating: Good
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Yeah i'm cancelling I can't take this game anymore. It could seriously pass for an early beta it's so unpolished and broken. If the interface problems and the market wards get fixed I may come back though. There's so much that's brilliant about this game that's buried under the frustrating parts.
#57 Oct 13 2010 at 1:07 AM Rating: Excellent
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- more repetitive than anything i ever played (gameplay, items, zones, mobs, minigames)
- lack of mobs for specific level range
- lack of a real tutorials
- inconsistency everywhere
- too many different items, limited space
- uninspired,random recipes
- low level leves at high level places
- no vendor, repair outside of towns
- fast and item decay, broken/inaccessible decay indication
- very slow, "not a mouse" UI and a half broken controller UI, no tooltips, just really bad
- no easy accessible ingame informations, no recipes (lodstone does not count)
- class change, but no attribute change (big oversight ?)
- could not finish the higher story quests as level 22 DoL, had to take up a DoW/M class
- broken radar, map
- broken chat system
- no ingame configuration
- unstable/broken client tabbing
- macros often not working
- unresponsive fighting
- mob con inconsitent with mobs
- translation errors
- lack of communication, no official forum, lack of support
- server status not showing in the client at login
- insecure/confusing payment system
- bonus item not avaiable for me after char creation
- retainer system too limited and just a pain to find anything, waste of my time

out of my own experience with mmo companies and game programmers, simple said:
while the gfx is triple A, the rest is designed by complete nubs. i have seen better tech demos
and alpha tests that got scrapped the last 15 years than this one.
#58 Oct 13 2010 at 3:44 AM Rating: Decent
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Glad to see a separate place for the negativity, it was getting to be too many of the same complaints on the front page.

My complaints:

1. Lack of story in questing(excluding the main quest. So far I like it).

2. Retainer system is more of a guessing game to find an item you want.

3. Repetitve feel of the leves.

#59 Oct 13 2010 at 7:30 AM Rating: Good
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I really wanted to enjoy FFXIV but I'm afraid I'm quitting. I don't have as much free time as I did when I was in college, and there are a lot of other games that I find more fun to play than FF right now. Although there are lots of things that need fixed, I'd say my top reasons for leaving are:

- Too difficult to find equipment and crafting items with the current marketplace system
- Partying is more difficult than it should be in an MMO
- UI is too slow and unresponsive
- Combat is not very fun
- The world just seems too empty (not as varied as FF XI was)

I will be checking back every now and then in the news to see what changes have been made to the game. I'm (hopefully) not going to quit forever - just putting the game back in the oven to let it cook a bit longer. :)
#60 Oct 13 2010 at 9:01 AM Rating: Decent
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I know this is another repetitive thread but i also know that the game is pretty new but a few things could need a quick fix/change. things such as:

Gear sorting
Gear damaging so fast ( spend more time running around looking for items for repairs)
Specify what craft level can make repairs
Game UI (idk how quick of a fix can be)

Anyways, people already pointed out above more issues than me. just wanna to drop my 2 cents. peace.

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#61 Oct 13 2010 at 9:05 AM Rating: Excellent
Anterograde Amnesia
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Let's keep the language civil people. Thanks Smiley: thumbsup
"Choosy MMO's choose Wint." - Louiscool
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#62 Oct 13 2010 at 9:35 AM Rating: Excellent
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Let me put another vote in for these two:

1. 4 versions of many crafting items, all of which will drop from the same mob. Nice having that +3 when trying a new recipe, particularly if you make the mistake of thinking you can reach a level or 2. On the down side with 80 slots in inventory once you pack up your gear, a billion arrows, and spare crafting tools you aren't left with a heck of a lot of free slots which load up fast with 4 versions of Mole Sinew or Moko Grass.

2. Recipes that you can do at lvl 8 but take a lvl 21 item. And I am not talking about the interdependant craft crap here either, I am talking about needing a black smithing piece that is level 21 when you can assemble the item at 10.

Why do gnats drop rat tails and lemurs drop gnat wings?
#63 Oct 13 2010 at 12:29 PM Rating: Excellent
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I bought the CE, because of the great memories I have of FFXI. But for SE to bring out an MMO with the worst UI I've ever seen in an MMO - that's not cool.

I hate the way that I have to type the name of a weapon into the macro. To make it worse, I can't even have my inventory open while I have the macro screen open - I'm using a web page with the weapon names on it, and copying and pasting it into the macro. I shouldn't have to have a web page open as a substitute for my inventory window!

All of the UI needs a re-design it'll never forget. But even that won't make it fun. I understand that some people are enjoying the crafting, but I'll bet they're in a minority. I bought this game to have adventure! To bravely combat creatures of evil! (ok, and some marmosets). I don't want to get a job making bronze nuggets all the time! And to run salt into the wound, the crafting is astoundingly frustrating and clunky. I'd like to synth please - OK, now be unable to do anything for 15-30 seconds! Now confirm that you want to make an item 3 times!

People say the graphics are good - the level of detail is good, but by god the world is dull. Wander outside a city and it's bland, with the same 3 or 4 mobs all over the zone. I cannot even drum up the enthusiasm to load the game any more.

Leves? Oh god, please. No more leves.

The only thing that SE did well was the armoury system, but even that's screwed up. Because of the huge number of different weapons and equipment required to manage all of these different classes, inventory space gets used up very quickly, and whoever thought that a list for inventory would be better than a grid of icons needs a hearty slap. Even if the heinous lag was fixed, scrolling through inventory is an awful, awful design.

Phew! I feel a lot better now!
#64 Oct 13 2010 at 2:14 PM Rating: Excellent
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Parsalyn wrote:
We have a BBB here for a reason.
SquareEnix, Inc. actually has a A+ rating on the BBB. Sounds like some people who are having problems should actually make their voices heard to the BBB (particularly the people who have been banned and had their accounts terminated on their first day playing).
His Excellency Aethien wrote:
Almalieque wrote:
If no one debated with me, then I wouldn't post here anymore.
Take the hint guys, please take the hint.
gbaji wrote:
I'm not getting my news from anywhere Joph.
#65 Oct 13 2010 at 4:16 PM Rating: Excellent
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I say scrap the whole game and make it into a movie similar to the cutscenes provided in game. I'd rather pay to watch that, than spend 500 hours in game to see the same thing while mashing the "1" button over and over to get there.
#66 Oct 13 2010 at 4:24 PM Rating: Good
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After playing and more or less beating every English FF game that has come out... I officially quit FFXIV.

I have never been so bored in my life. I play games to overcome boredom, not to induce it. Doing leves is more boring than hanging out in the dunes for 4 hours waiting for a party.

I hate the interface and the menus.

I hate the party system.

I hate not having an AH. RMTs may have hurt FFXI, but having to wander around for 3 hours to find a pair of boots is ignorant.

I hate crafting, so why should I have to craft if I want any amount of cash or decent equipment?

I don't even care for the class system.

Like I said, my CE is going up on Amazon for about half of what I paid for it including shipping, but excluding the $250 I spent to upgrade my PC. Maybe the game will be better by the time it comes out on PS3 and I will give it another go. I'll stick with FIFA for now I guess.

I quit... End Rant/Trolling...
#67 Oct 13 2010 at 7:23 PM Rating: Good
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Put melee auto attack back. That is what distinguishes melee from magic attacks. Pressing 1-10 for special melee skills is fine but to press 1 everytime to make a normal attack is STUPID.
Auto melee is fun, when u have when stats like weapon speed, double attack etc.
Combat is too boring and old!
My Main is lvl 21 Gladiator , i have also lvled the other classes to about lvl10 each for cross over abilities. I have stopped lvling all other classes since and am concentrating on my Gladiator.
NOW MY PROBLEM is that 99% of the time when i do my lvl 20 guild levels, the reward gives me MARKS FOR OTHER CLASSES?!!
Why is the UI so ancient? I can only have one active skill bar 1-10 on my screen? LOTRO/EQ2 allows my to have up 6 or more skillbars + lots of customizable options.
Targeting sucks, when i press TAB is target the furthest mob instead of the nearest one? WTF!
Why is there no corpse when i kill a mob? I want to see the carcass when i kill something, to be able to chose option to auto loot corpse or not to !
Why is partying so freaking boring? Why is party mechanics so badly designed? Everyone in party just do their own thing there is no class role , strategy , nor skill? Its all a group of button mashing players together trying to get the most skillups trying to get most by DPSing? WTF?!
Theres no duel wield? Theres only about 5-7 weapons available for each class from lvl 1-50?!! WTF!!
Repair fee for a tier 3 weapon cost millions of gil?!! WTF!
I can`t freaking sell my old gear unless its a 100% condition and NPC only repairs to 75% each time with their exorbitant repair fee?! wtf!
I can only hold up to 80 items, bazaar 10 items? WTF!! No bags whatso ever, no way to arrange/organize inventory? WTF?!
hy does it take a freaking 5-10s just to draw my weapon and start combat EVERYTIME!? Why is combat so freaking slow and always a pause of a few seconds everytime i use a combat skill?! Why is the UI so slow and laggy even when i am using a ATI5970 and I7 980!? Why is SLI Crossfire not supported? To open my inventory theres no shortcut keys like 'I' or 'J' for journal etc? I have to go thru like a million steps just to open my inventory?WTF!??
Why is there no Gate or Bind for mages? why does the anima regen so freakingly slow?!! Why are there no quests, almost 0, other than the stupid repeatable guild lvls that give me some stupid gil or marks for other classes?! WTF?!
Why do i need millions of hours b4 i can completely reassign my stats?WTF whats the point of allowing multiple class when u need millions of hours to reallocate stats?
Why does it take fking almost 2mins just to start a crafting synthesis process?!! Why aren`t recipes recorded in game/char ?!WTF I need to remember the millions of recipes? To make a lvl 5 item i need like 4-5 different crafts some at lvl12?!! Need a million different ingredients and synths to make a freaking useable item? No AH to find the ingredient need to spend a freaking millions hours in the market wards to search the retainers?
No way to customize the Chat/combat UI log? WTF!?
I need to type out both the Firstname and Lastname of the person just to send a fuoking /tell? WTF?!
WTF !? only 4 box in the trade window?
There's no way to tell how much fatigue i have, Guessing Game fun?!! WTF
Why the FFFF do i take a freaking 15mins just to sell and empty out my inventory?
WHY are there so many @#%^ing masochists in FFXIV?
#68 Oct 13 2010 at 8:32 PM Rating: Decent
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I enjoy grinding for adventure exp in grind parties, 12hrs a day or more when i am on holiday or during the weekends. Why must they take away the fun and have a stupid fooking fatigue system and force me to do their stupid brainless guild lvl quest ?!
#69 Oct 13 2010 at 10:34 PM Rating: Good
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I plan to be the last person playing FFXIV when they shut the servers down

In mid 2011 lol.
#70 Oct 13 2010 at 11:45 PM Rating: Good
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My complaints:

Retainer system/Market Wards

A very horrible way to set out the economy and I don't care what anyone says if you have to use an OUTSIDE website to find someone selling something it is horrible and flawed development and reflects poorly on the development team. They need either an AH or a search function that will search all wards in the city at once for the item you type in.

(Oh and might I add that external website is completely USELESS since the majority of searches I have done were 4 days old and most of the retainers either weren't there or didn't have the item anymore.)

It takes FAR too long to find items you want, even using that worthless website that turns it into a wild goose chase when most of the info is several days old.

You can't sell very many items at once which limits you further, not all of us want to keep a retainer and our characters online in order to sell stuff we make in 20 mins. (Specially after the 3 hours of looking for items) I'm sorry but I shouldn't have to shout for an item for someone to offer it to me for far FAR more then it costs to make.


These are both horrible, I really don't care about their reasoning for synth materials you cant even make when you need them... example is bronze dagger and bronze dagger blade... You can't even make the blade when you may actually need the dagger.

Gathering and crafting classes both have trouble selling their items quickly due to the fact that its too time consuming to search all bazaars, specially when people only have a couple hours a day to play... this will STRENGTHEN RMT more then weaken it.

Its also FAR too involved in the game and makes it feel like an expensive 3D version of farmville.

It feels almost like SE is trying to force us to craft when a lot of people really don't like crafting and don't want to do it.. just want to level combat classes. It feels like we either have to have it leveled or be screwed over.

This is a video game, not a business simulation.


Its very bland and doesn't really offer anything in terms of excitement or fun to gaining levels. I think SE is overestimating the "player interaction" feature... this isn't FFXI. FFXI had many features to it that made it fun for everyone. FFXIV feels like some lame business simulation.

All in all I think SE needs to fix things and give the majority what they want. Fix crafting recipies to make them easier for people with less time so they don't have to resort to RMT(time sink is what makes most people buy gil) Make fighting mobs a bit more fun and less press buttons randomly...

Idc if its been beaten like a dead horse but... its a request from the majority... add an AH for people so the market wards can be less cramp. So that way when you DO organize the wards the crafters can put their items in the right wards that will be less crowded and all the random junk from the same players can be sold on an AH. If you have to limit the AH to medicines, foods, synth materials and crystals/shards. That way the wards will still have to be a major part of the game and will still be used.

#71 Oct 14 2010 at 12:36 AM Rating: Default
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WTF is my complaint msg deleted ?????
#72 Oct 14 2010 at 1:22 AM Rating: Good
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balance the skill points gained during and some players will party...our rank diff is by 2 and we cant seem to find mobs that are consistently giving balanced sp...mobs that are 5-15 ranks higher than us weve tried...anyhigher wed die...sp recieved would range from 0-200...mostly around 50' this needs to be fixed
#73 Oct 14 2010 at 12:12 PM Rating: Good
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Common Complaints
1. 36hours guildleves cool down time is way too long
OKOK, I do understand the reason to make a balance between hardcore players and casual players but I'm just not satisfied with this setting, it's way too casual now? :/ I've done my quests in 2 hours most likely, less if duo, then I will need to go to a barren world to find mobs to fight with OTZ

Now its final factory instead of final fantasy since almost everyone is doing craftings instead of doing something else since the mobs and quests dun really give out any gears even in low ranks or probably because there are nth else interested players than the crafting system?(at least its like that in my server)

3. Search function for trading system (URGENT!)

4. Why other mmo successful?
IMO, other companies actually standing at players' point of view and make changes to satisfy players instead of forcing players to get used to the game system they created. SE should of showing more care to players instead of going their own way anyhow.

No offense to Final Fantasy fans, cuz I'm one of them. But I just can't stand to like a game blindly anymore, because it's below the bottom line.
#74 Oct 14 2010 at 2:06 PM Rating: Excellent
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My biggest complaint is the imbalance in the recipe requirements. Here's a perfectly good example of how much sense FFXI's bronze mail compares to the lack of sense in FFXIV's bronze mail. Note that all the levels are lower than the synth in FFXI and higher in FFXIV and in FFXI, no subcraft had a higher crafting requirement for the same job as in the main craft.

FFXI: Scale mail (Smithing 17)
-Bronze Scales (Smithing 10)
-Cotton Thread (Clothcraft 11)
-Sheep Leather (Leathercraft 2)
-Leather Vest (Leathercraft 10)

FFXIV: Bronze Chainmail (Armorsmith 9)
-Hempen Tabard (Weaver 10)
-Bronze Rings (Armorer 20)
-Taupe Sheep Leather (Alchemist 10 with lv 30 mats, Leatherworker 6, Carpenter 1)
-Bronze Chainmail Vest (Armorer 12)
-Bronze Chain Sleeves (Armorer 12)

#75 Oct 14 2010 at 7:19 PM Rating: Decent
please help i have game installed but need buddy pass to finally play. if anyone is generous enough to help ude be my hero. please send me private message. thank you and i hope to become in game friends if possible.
#76 Oct 14 2010 at 10:18 PM Rating: Excellent
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I got a bug in me to take part in this game around August, because I was feeling nostalgic for Final Fantasy 11, but can't bring myself to play it any longer (I tossed all my items, gave all my gil away, and threw away the software). I went on FFXIAH, found all my old buddied, tries to coordinate them all to join 14, despite people telling me of some of it's imperfections, which we had hoped would be fixed in time.

I bought a new Dell Computer to run the game, I bought a subscription to file planet so I could participate in the Beta. While playing beta, I liked what I saw, but wrote off many of the problems as being just beta issues. I bought the Collector's Edition so I could play first, and I couldn't be more disappointed and kicking myself more than I do now.

I though this was supposed to appeal to Casual players? That's what I wanted... a Final Fantasy 11 that wouldn't eat away at my life. It ONLY succeeded in doing that because I lost all drive to play.

On my last day, I was down to the last of my anima, trying to track down Black Pepper at the one city that had it, because I couldn't turn Maple Syrup into Maple Sugar despite spending anima to travel to the guild to do it. And then once I made my Rabbit Pies, the results were a measly 5% hp bonus, and as far as I can tell, NO other result. I reflected on my day, having spent hours traveling and crafting, and gathering supplies, and trading for extra marmot meat, and tracking down different races to try my pies to try to figure out what the bonus was... and it just wasn't worth it. I didn't want to be a cook in the first place, but it's the easiest way to get ahead in the game, by crafting. I hate crafting. I hate gathering... I dabbled in Final Fantasy 11 doing it, but it was always just something I thought would be neat, but didn't really have the patience for.

During Beta I noticed that the community seemed to be pretty quiet as a whole. No one was really talking to anyone else, and despite being a massive multi-player environment, it just seemed cold and lonely. That didn't change.

I wish we would have just done a FF11-2, lol.. even if it involved each class change involving changing clothes :P, atleast it would have been a reflection of what I was looking for to begin with. I have a hard time knowing what anyone sees in this game, and I kinda feel like those who claim to like the game, are just fooling themselves because of their love for SE.

I feel like I should have known better. Since 12, I've been unhappy with Final Fantasy games... X-2 was questionable, but it was playable for me despite the estrogen injection. I thought 13 was a beautiful mess... and that's a good description for this too. 14 is a Beautiful Mess.

I'm gonna stop rambling lengthy wise and just make a list of gripes. Well I'll try.

- Crafters gaining physical levels faster than War and Magic types... this.. is just ate up.

- Anima - Why do I hafta pay to teleport? Or better yet why does it take so long to get back? I don't want to fish, I don't want to craft.. I want to do battle craft leves... why do you want to inhibit me and force me to do things I don't want just to keep up with my friends?

- Retainers - just put in a friggin auction house already. There is nothing endearing about the NPC bazaar system you have. Quit trying to save it... you had a system that worked, just use it. I want casual gaming experience, I don't want to spend my 4 hour block of game time trying to figure out what city bazaar area is selling the spear I want.

- Targeting is a joke. I've died more than once trying to use my joystick to target the next mob attacking me, but instead targeting everything but. Or trying to cure myself, but targeting the wrong thing. Or shuffling through actions, hitting the "battle regimen" button, and not realizing it until my abilities are locked waiting for me to release a "guard" action. I know FF11 revolved around Macros once you got into the game... but FF14 is new, I'm a new player... I shouldn't hafta set macros to make your system work.

- Story - I don't really get the draw. I did Uldah in beta and Gridania in launch, and the story didn't do much for me... i found myself pushing the "next" button to get through the long winded text. Not that their weren't times in FF11 that were like this... but SE is supposed to be the great storyteller of video games... all I get is that I'm some mercenary looking for work.

- Crafting leves - telling me to go to an NPC in Limsa, but giving me no location? I don't get it. I shouldn't have to access the web pages to do something as simple as making acorn cookies. And seriously.. I don't need any more carrots. They are barely worth NPCing, and I can't use them that fast.

- Battlecraft leves - How can 3 stars difficulty mean SOOOO many different things? And why not tie experience bonus at the end instead of just gil? We are doing something that takes up to 30 minutes. I guess my mistake was thinking I could level effectively by using battle craft leves, like I had with crafting leves, this wasn't true. It's pretty much just a source of income, and nothing else, meaning that grinding is the only effective way. But mobs "check" inappropriately. A red creature could be easy to you, depending on how you rank compares with your level, and you have no idea what red means anymore. Their is no "high strength, high evasion" warning to tip you off, you just find out by trial and error.

- Gathering leves - actually, the only leve I didn't have alot of complaints on... though the mini games for some things seemed mindless while others seemed just strange and unnatural.

- Classes - Why can't Lancer's speed surge equip to those without a lance? That completely discouraged me from playing Lancer any further than the tp gain ability. I had gotten interested in Glad for it's tanking abilities, but it just wasn't enough to keep me hooked.

- Attribute points - I don't really like the ridiculously customizable settings. Basically your options are to be mediocre at everything or good at one thing, or decent at some things. But you can reset your stats somewhat every 30 minutes, and eventually remold them all together. This to me is just a sign that SE missed their mark when trying to appeal to a casual player.

- Chocobos... why can't I ride a chocobo. Do you know how long it takes to run from Gridania to Uldah? Or let alone to camp? And all else I can do is use Anima, which regains far too slow.

- Lag - I bought a brand new computer. I'm using the 1280 settings... I scored okay on your benchmark... why are things lagging?

- Glitchy - Why are people falling through the floor, showing invisible, and becoming randomly untargetable?

god... I could keep going.. but what's the use. I spent $1600 so I could participate in this game, granted 1500 of it I can use for other games.. but I probably wouldn't have upgraded to those specs if not for this game.. I got a PS3.. I guess I should have just waited.

Every negative review is absolutely right about this game. Shame on you Square Enix... and even more shame that you tried to use your clout to get reviewers to keep quiet on it. You have ALOT of work to do, this is the equivalent of you "Spirits Within" movie. After the last 3 Final Fantasy titles, I don't think I can trust you with my investment any longer. Thank God their's talk of a Demon Souls sequel now. Time to check out LOTR online.

SE, if you get your act together, I'd love to see what you can do when you listen to those that have loved your product... but I'm not spending another dime until you show me that you have listened to the thousands outcrying about how badly you've performed with this.
#77 Oct 14 2010 at 10:34 PM Rating: Excellent
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I wish more people would contact square and complain if they have problems. I don't think they understand the user market at all. Imagine building a game that looks this great, and then bring in a drunk salesperson to make all of the major decisions for the UI and general gameplay. Meanwhile all the subordinates say, "Yes, you are exactly correct Sir." Voila FFXIV.

Next in one week time, CE people do not subscribe to the game for the most part, and in the next week following the SE players cannot stand it anymore. If a patch is not made when they have their server maintenance tomorrow, then I hope that anyone playing this game will cancel before their subscription hits. It really cannot be helped anymore by tomorrow. Game Over: zero credits remain.
#78 Oct 14 2010 at 10:57 PM Rating: Excellent
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Just wanted to note. They got an earful. And after hitting send, SE politely reminded me that no one responds to feedback. 90% of the things people are complaining about, people were complaining about in Beta. Just they didn't do anything about it. I hate to say it.. but I hope people start canceling in masses, then maybe SE will get their act together and reclaim this failing game, and maybe try to restart the series.

What SE needs to do is send a public apology. Stop the game. Fix everything. And then give everyone 90 days of free gameplay. I don't care if it doesn't start back up till March 2011 with the PS3 release. It's crap as is right now.

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#79 Oct 15 2010 at 2:19 AM Rating: Good
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KristoFurwalken wrote:
Ya the gameplay is, meh... But I cold learn to live with it if the UI wasn't so bad.

Aren't MMORPG suppose to be something that's a fun pass time? Not something that's broken which we 'learn to live with' b/c its not as broken as it was?

This game has so many flaws and so many ppl have written them out. I agree with pretty much all of them. My top three from a fun gameplay perspective would be the following:

A. No desire/motivation to progress or sense of progression. My conjurer reached rank 21 today. Woohoo? Ironically, I spent literately about 10 hours going from 20 to 21 b/c I play the role of a healer in my ls and spend 95% of my time casting cure or cure II non stop with no opportunites to attack or less my tank/dps die. Funny thing is in those same 8 hours going from 20 to 21, the rest of my ls went from 20 to 26. I can't help but give a biggg ollddd WTF SE. I was keeping up with them being a healer now I'm massively falling behind to the point that mobs my LS are killing at lvl 26 one-shot me when they aoe. Instead death, gotta wait for healer to run back...AGAIN. I'm pretty sure my LS is going to drop me and I'll be soloing/healing for a new group which will ...out level me again? I'll be playing the fantasy of watching other's lvl past me? or the fantasy of soloing mobs with no teamplay? Weeee!

B. No teamplay. See above, but, also the gameplay doesn't encourage teamwork much. There's some stackable buffs like haivng a lancer with speedsurge, using punishing barbs on aoeing mobs, etc works but it seems the stronger the abilities used, the faster the mob dies. The faster the mob dies, the less exp the team gets. So really, strategy becasue mute b/c you don't want to kill fast. You don't want a lot of dps buffs. You just want to auto-attack and slowly as possible. Certinately, someone else must recognize the insanity of this.

Further, the enmity of teamplay is so broken its not even funny. I can't tell you how many times as a conj I've been able to PULL AGGRO FROM a tank(puglist, maurader etc) on the FIRST casting of my Cure spell or by auto-attacking with spirit dart. My auto attack as a 'healer' pulls threat from a tank. WTF?!? Don't even get me started on the instant aggro from a 2nd cure god forbid or a stoneskin or a shell/protect. I'm sadly quite often taking a 2nd or third mob during guildleves b/c I get that instant-aggro fun.

Guildleves are a bit senseless at rank 5. No matter how large your team is, there will be certain mobs that AOE for 1500+ dmg at rank 20. No offense, but when an AOE is greater than your maximum hp + stoneskin by 2x, it doesn't really matter if you had a legion of players. All the players are instantly dead. Which goes back to the 'where's the fun?' aspect. I don't mind dying if there's some tactic or skill that can avoid it. Evening Punishing barb would return the 1500 dmg to the enmy, but you still have to take the 1500 dmg and still die. WTF Square...W..t f.

C. Boring boring combat. LOTRO feels quite often epic when your fighting through Fil Gashin. I remember the first time I took my minstrel in there and were sneaking past the guard, killin a lieutentant, making sure all 5 of us get lieutentant uniforms and sneaking into the lunch-hall and OHH NOOO, they spotted us! and suddenly were surrounded by wave after wave of orcs fighting to survive only to eventually need to fight the boss that's the Mesh Hall chief with a rediculously large dagger. It felt fun, it felt epic, it required good team-work to win and a good strategy.

FFXIV: I killed a marmot. Then I killed another marmot. Then I killed another marmot. Copy and past I killed another marmot about 50x and you've capture the epicness of my lvl 1 to 5 experience. Replace marmot with fungar and you've got my epic 5 to 10. Replace fungar with ....THISTLETAIL marmot and you've got my 10 to 15 practically. Replace Marmot with Cassiopea and you've got my 15 to 19ish. Replace Cassiopea with Iron Coblyn/Maidenbugs and you've got my 19 to 21st. WTF? Where's a boss to kill? Where's something that feels epic? Anything? Anything at all? I DONT WANT TO GRIND 1 TYPE OF MOB FOR 6 HORUS STRAIGHt. I WANT TO RUN A FREAKING DUNGEON! and no I don't consider CH/The mines north of Udrah to be a dungeon nor an instance. Its just a griding spot with mobs. No boss, no objectives, no story, no fun. Just grinding.

The single player instance/story quests are NOT epic. I had to kill 5 wolfs in my most recently rank 20 conj quest that took about 3 hits a peice. That's not epic. Especially when they engage you 1 and a time and do less than 3% dmg to you every 15s and your a self-healing class ><.

It doesn't help that I need to repair my weapon after probably 30 mob kills and would need to run all the way to town and repair it for 11,000 gil and that's from casting cure over and over again. Does Square realize I'm not really hitting anything. I'm just waving a peice of willow wood through the air? Having a stick in the air does not actually injure it.
#80 Oct 15 2010 at 2:24 AM Rating: Good
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Vesmo wrote:
There's so much that's brilliant about this game that's buried under the frustrating parts.

I hear this crap all the time from Fanboys. I'm sorry. I don't mean to call you a Fanboy but this is strating to frustrate me so I have to call someone out on it. Describe to me the 'so much that's brilliant about this game' in depth please. I really want to know. I have expect to hear 'change jobs by changing weapon and physical level!' or 'brilliant graphics!!' as the answer.
#81 Oct 15 2010 at 3:40 AM Rating: Good
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Dear SE, you didn't need to reinvent the wheel!

Yes, this is another comparison to FFXI, but we all know this game borrowed heavily from FFXI, so it's a fair comparison.

My hope was that you would take all the things that are good in FFXI and improve them tenfold! Well, tenfold might be too much to expect, but I had no idea you would actually regressed. Regression is not acceptable when you have nearly a decade of experience designing MMO.

Sh*ts that works well in FFXI, but actually regressed in FFXIV:

- Responsive UI. Admittedly FFXI UI is not that much different than this game, but at least it was quick and responsive. What happened? You forgot you feed the hamster that's powering FFXIV UI?

- Skillchains > Battle Regimen. Skillchains were so unique in MMO world and it was not complicated to use as you've stated. In 7 years that I had played FFXI I have never met a single person that found SC to be complicated. It was simple and fun to use, but Battle Regimen, on the other hand, is buggy and non-existence in its usage among the player base.

- Combat system. Active/Passive mode, Stamina gauge, magic/ability delay do not add enjoyment to the game. They add frustration.

- Chat. FFXI chat system, originally designed for the PS2 (!), is actually more usable than the crap we have now. Ability to change background color? Check. Ability to customized text color? Check. Ability to quickly expand the window to full screen? Check.

- Inventory management. Admittedly it took you, what, 5 years to finally implement inventory sorting in FFXI. I dearly hope you are not waiting five years to add this simple feature to this game.

The good news is that all these things are fixable, so please, chop, chop, with sugar on top.
#82 Oct 15 2010 at 4:09 AM Rating: Excellent
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The new patch is a C- AT BEST. SE needs to be sh.iting out A+++ patches twice a week to keep the majority of the players. I'm gonna be playing alone soon enough, saw it in Age of Conan, saw it in Warhammer and I can see it coming is this game. SE doesnt need Blizzard to on its subcription numbers with an expansion to wow (like blizzard did to Warhammer with Wrath of the Lich King) SE seems like they are sh.itting on their subscriptions just fine on their own...but oh yea Cataclysm is only 2 months away too. I dont know which company I hate more SE for giving us this garbage or Blizzard for time and time again stealing customers back from any new MMO I play with a new Xpack : (
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Score: Decent
here are some little things (probably brought up before) that are so annoying and make the game really very clumsy and user unfriendly.

The text limit in chat - what is with the amount you can type??

The cancelling of local levequests - you cant access your journal and cancel them?? I took a gold smith one when i thought thats what i wanted to be then decided against it. To get the leve out of my journal and stop it from being reissued every reset i had to buy a gold smith hammer and fail the leve to get rid of it?? Cmon seriously!?

The targeting thing - oh my god this is bad and i dont even play a healer! They need to put in a button u can cyle through close allies in your party aswell as nearest enemies. You should also be able to target someone by clicking theyre name at the bottom right if they are in your party.

MINIMIZING THE GAME - at first I thought this was computer/software related but after asking around ive found out its the same for all. It is a joke that in this day and age I have to write down recipes with a pen when im sitting infront of my 2k pc.

Alphabetical inventory - im sick of having 12 copper half way down then a few items then oh look another 12 copper :(

Im not ******** about the game cos i like it but this is all little things that are so easily sorted and make the game so much more playable.
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You cannot claim a mob unless the party leader is adjacent. Since you cannot claim mobs, you cannot get physical exp or skill points for killing anything, and your TP will constantly fall during battle as if you weren't in a fight.

This is monumentally stupid.
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Almalieque wrote:
If no one debated with me, then I wouldn't post here anymore.
Take the hint guys, please take the hint.
gbaji wrote:
I'm not getting my news from anywhere Joph.
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Asshats are still spamming up the first market ward on Istory. Supposedly for battlecraft weapons, 95% unrelated items. Placing your retainer in the proper category feels like losing so much traffic, especially if you're down the list; on the third page or something.
#86 Oct 16 2010 at 2:09 PM Rating: Good
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I just went to the Markets in Rabanastre. Still have a "Battlecraft Ward" with about 80% if the retainers selling garbage, Crafting items and vendor junk.

It was like that the first day after the update, I figured it was just people leftover from the day before and haven't had a change to change wards. But now I see that they are just jerks.
#87 Oct 16 2010 at 7:45 PM Rating: Good
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KristoFurwalken wrote:
I just went to the Markets in Rabanastre. Still have a "Battlecraft Ward" with about 80% if the retainers selling garbage, Crafting items and vendor junk.

It was like that the first day after the update, I figured it was just people leftover from the day before and haven't had a change to change wards. But now I see that they are just jerks.

More likely since, as you say, they're selling crap.. They probably just decided that no ward was really appropriate for them (and they're probably right) so they just picked one and said go.

Their stuff will sell equally as well no matter where they are (i.e. not at all)
svlyons wrote:
If random outcomes aren't acceptable to you, then don't play with random people.
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Kinda think since it's the first one on the list everyone is just going there.
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I am a casual player. I know that the game has issues, but I have been working around them, not rushing to any kind of goal, just happily bopping around the world, figuring it out as I go along. I'm pretty easy to please.

But SE, for the love of all that is holy, if you want us to gather and craft as part of the "experience," do not count our gathering/crafting gear as part of our inventory!!!!! I ENJOY being able to stop and synth at the drop of a hat, I love that I can stop and mine/log/fish when the opportunity presents, I am happy to quit what I am doing and repair a piece of gear on the fly... But DANGIT, once I have myself loaded up with my gathering/crafting gear, with my weapons and clothes on, and a few basic essentials for repairs, I DO NOT HAVE ROOM for the moko grass and marmot meats +1, +2, and +3 that constantly drop!

I'm not asking for a million dollars, the world at my feet, free healthcare, or an AH...just that y'all do not count the gear for those gathering/crafting jobs you so dearly want us to have towards our total inventory. When ya put in that "sort" function, could you plz "sort" that crap right the heck out? My retainer is getting tired of talking to me!
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First off, Pikko, great to see you still in the FFonline games. You helped me a great deal with your gardening site. Thanks so much.

Now. Issues with this game are massive. It has a really good basis, great sound/graphics, great lineage for future updates in which will make this game a lot more diverse. These are complaints that I have.

Beasts Right now, the opponents ive seen all over the forests are so basic. Yea, you have Opo-Opo's and Funguars, but other than that there are no Final Fantasy Specific mobs. Moles? Birds? Wolfs? Squirrels? Thats why I disliked WoW low level. Where are the mobs I should be facing that are my enemies? FFXI had gobbies and Yagudo first zone I entered. I felt like it was clans vs clans. I know there are humanoid mobs later (im only 12 pug), but come on...Squirrels and Funguars are a majority of the mobs I face so far.

Inventory. I thought the Backpack system in WoW was lame. This is worse. Why cant I sort items? Seriously. No This is the simplest thing. Sorting. Why cant I sort? SORTING! ITEM SORTING! Why do i need to have Moko grass stacks in SIX different places. Jesus. I have items all over the place. Its just a mess.

What was the inventory maximum in FFXI to start off, 30? 40? 50? I dunno...I forget. My point is, i have 80 spots. Now one would think thats not bad, right? Except as I said, I have moko grass in SIX spots. I have Marmot Pelts in 5 spots. I have all my gear (which is much more than FFXI since i can have underwear and 4 rings and eye patches and anything under the sun). Then I have other classes gear and main and offs. I have *** loads of different type of items and then have the +1, +2's of them. This is a mess.

Menus and Navigation. Lets take the simple task of changing my Rings. FFXI. Ctrl+I. down a few times, forward a few times enter, scroll down, enter, esc esc. I can do this in my sleep. This game, for some reason my mouse wants to take priority. So i have to move the **** thing out of my way. Hit - key, scroll down until I reach Gear (which can be a few times depending on what i'm near or what I have equipped), graphically have to go over and down until i reach what i want (which could be misleading) with all the differences in heights, enter scroll all th eway down because I cant sort my items, and then use it. Its just...awkward and clunky.

Then we have the menu's for battle. First off...why cant I hit ctrl+c to check? Is it just me? Or Why isnt there a quick way to go to someones bazaar? Why cant I switch targets? Why is selecting a target so hard? I would assume /target would work. Why do I get "reading light strikes" and no light strikes? Why do I have to hit an attack and have to wait a second to get it? Then when i think it didnt register i get 2 of them.

Crafting is a chore, not because of the process itself, but the clunky menus + the amount of menus is silly. Its becuase we no longer use just one crystal to start synthesis. How about, learned recipes please. You play around and add things the first time until you get it. Once you do, a list of recipies should pop up. I mean, I have a "required materials button", this way it could go.

Menu > Synthesis > Required Items > Recipe > Accept. Done. about a quick shortcut for synthesis? Since we now treat Synthesis like a battle, why not have all jobs have the skill synthesis that we equip. This way we can just hit 1 for synthesis.

You gotta make the cooldown for equiping quicker, or cancellable.

Class System Look, im fine with the crafting as a job class. I'm more than happy to do this. However, If we're going to do this we really need to set up a means to find out what recipes are what level/rank. We learn a bit from the quests we do however a lot of the quests are for full synths and shouldn't be expected to be used for grinding. I'm not making Hemp Clothing to level on, thats just pricy and silly. Rather, what they should be doing is offering 1 time quests to earn recipes (savable ones) which the person will ask you to make hemp yarn, cloth, and parts to clothes. Furthermore, why not make the reward for your efforts something that you can keep.

What I mean by this is, go to the clothcraft guild and they say "Let me help you hone your craft, here are the materials for yarn, now with your yarn make cloth. Now with your cloth make sleeves and put it together. Yay you have a shirt!, keep it.

SP gains. At my level im leveling off of Marmots, Bats, Beetles and occasional ghosts. The leveling is slow and the SP is slower. Why? Because its not a guarentee. EVERY hit i do, I should earn skill ups. How I earn them or at what pace should be based on the level of the mob vs my level. Done. I dont wanna hear anything else. This will promote going against evens. If i go against TWTBWW, then i might earn a LOT of skill ups but for much less. If I go against an Even, i will focus on winning and not grinding one mob and I'll get moderate skill ups. If I go against a Tough, i'll have to hit him more and might die...but if I survive the amount of Skills I earn will be a lot based on the fact that it was a really tough battle.

Isn't this how exp is suppose to be?

My biggest gripe is this idea of "create your own class". But if you think about it there are really...7 classes. Granted you could do something cool like A con + Glad/MDR, but there are a lot of downsides. Since all the classes are getting gimped when "Subbed", everyone becomes the same.

Furthermore, without BASE stat ups, you become really gimped. There are some enfeebles im sure that stick because my mind/wisdom are really low. Why are they low? Because I have more important things to level and I dont get any BASE level ups. I'm probably gonna have really low stats in 3 areas, and will always be <20 in them. That means enfeebles will stick, cures wont probably hit as much as they should...its just a mess.

But you expect me to take points and put it on magic when im a pug? Why would I do that? Because >40, it takes 2 points for every 1 stat up. So now it becomes wasteful to put anythign in those stats.

For a system of "create your own class", I think its reckless to not allow mana to regenerate at all. As a Pug, i have Seismic Smash or whatever its called...Why would I use this? I get 18 of them before im all out with no way to regenerate mana? I cant even kneel like in ffxi? How is it "Create my own class", if i wanna be a Glad/Con to be a FFXI style paladin if I cant regenerate mana? What if I wanted to be a ninja style class by having Pug/black + White magic? No MP regeration.

Retainers + Bazaars Bazaars has a cap. First off this is silly. Thats all I have to say that. Second, a retainer system is not bad in theory, the problem is that if SE wants it to be more RPific and leave out searches, at least make it so that we can scan near us for items. Maybe not a global search, but maybe within a few yards that we cna search. Think about it. If I see someone selling something I should be able to see what they have. Or, at the very least have a search and have a random NPC talk to us "Kail Risu, I have the item you need, over here" and then a target. I still have to go to them and check their wares, but at least I dont have to search through ALL the npcs. FURTHERMORE, wait til we have level 0-75 gear. Am i gonna have to search everyone for level 60 gear for a pug's h2h? Please.

TransportationThis is upsetting. Knowing that FFXI had such a demand for mounts that were available, why do I not have available mounts? This is upsetting because its a step back. This NEEDS to be on deck asap. I'm not asking for chocobo breeding yet, rather just a way to call a chocobo. There are teleports, however I think we need to have con having a teleport spell, or just not having soo much cooldown on the anima. Teleport is a big pain in the ***. Please...this needs to be addressed.

RepairsWhy do my items break so easily? Really. That says a lot about the crafters huh? I need a little bit more durability on items. Also, after level 1 gear the npc repairs are REALLY expensive. I'm not paying 2k to repair my armor. Thats just silly. real talk.

I dont have anything else to say right now...just some frustrations.
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My retainer de-spawns consistently after about two days. Am I missing something? Did I give her the day off?
#92 Oct 18 2010 at 6:51 AM Rating: Excellent
I've got another rant, I just spent about 10 minutes trying to kill a ****ing monkey just to have it keep running away, regenning its HP and then whittle it down some more, it runs, regens HP, keeps repeating the process until it does back-to-back special attacks 3 times in a row taking me down. SE needs to fix this bull****. I'm sorry but I'm seriously getting sick of the run away and regen-fest these enemies do. Have they mentioned any info about fixing this?
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Throughout history, there was only one main way to send out a message to the ones that wouldn’t take your complaints seriously or act upon it ASAP. And that was a revolution! And yes it still exist and I’m not stating we do one for FF14 lol just saying for all we have giving them (money and support for the past several years) this is NOT right, paid that much for collector’s edition and upgraded my pc to get this in return? This is not tolerable. I won’t even get in the details just how foul this game is.

Solution: If most quits even for 1 month subscription then trust me they will start taking things seriously and fix things as fast as we paid at the cash when we purchased this failure.

If you are reading this, its cause you unhappy as I am and that you wanted to know if others feeling same way as you. And that’s the time you could had put playing the game, instead you here reading this >.>

#94 Oct 18 2010 at 8:53 AM Rating: Excellent
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According to the head developer for FF14
"A) He hasn't touched another game since FF11 hit the market because thats all he plays (and you wonder why FF feels so outdated..)

B) He literally didn't try his own product (FF14) until it was in OB. Which explains alot..

SE won't change a thing or admit they screwed this up, they just come off as a company that loves the smell of their own farts. I thought 13 was bad, but they stunned me with how horrible 14 was. I bet they don't even have the grapefruits to address the poor reviews this game is receiving. If it is being received poorly by then the game has no chance. [/b] "
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I'm ready for ps3 to be released so I can play on a big screen TV. My complaint is that I wish that SE would communicate with us more about why its taking so long and keep us updated. I can respect them saying they want to wait for a different quarter for profits. I can't figure out why its going to take till march to fix the game for PS3.
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Allow me to begin by stating that the development team plans to release a version update at a rate of once every three months, of which the large-scale version update currently planned for December will be the first. Nothing is more important to us than seeing to the prompt implementation of the various changes and features players desire to improve playing conditions. In that vein, there are several adjustments and additions which we will be introducing before December's version update.

A good deal of the constructive feedback we received was in regards to the market and retainer systems. As previously addressed in an installment of Ask the Devs, several improvements will be brought to both of these features. Among these are a simplification of retainer access which no longer requires use of the interactions menu, and specific reduced taxes in market wards which will serve to reorganize them by item types.

Further changes we have planned for the near future, which will be coming sometime after the first version update, include the following:

•Search feature to allow item searches by individual wards
•Icon display to identify retainers selling sought-after items
•Increase in the number of retainers that may be employed

A version update scheduled for late November will contain a number of other changes and additions as well. Below is a list of the primary points of focus.

User Interface Adjustments
In response to the generous amount of player feedback we received, a number of changes and new features will be implemented in this area. Many players have voiced dissatisfaction with several facets of the user interface, such as the chat feature and targeting mechanism, and we will be working to remedy these issues as soon as possible.

For more details, please read Ask the Devs.

Party-Based Battle Balancing
Party-based battle will be undergoing a number of adjustments and tweaks, but players may rest assured that we have every intention of staying true to our policy of making a game that is enjoyable for solo players as well.

At present, players have voiced concern over a lack of necessity for forming parties, as well as a shortage of situations that demand the execution of multiplayer battle strategies. To address such issues, we will be making modifications to the way in which the enmity mechanism works, in addition to reexamining the Battle Regimen system.

Server Lag
Notable lag has been observed in certain areas of the game, particularly when a large number of players are gathered together. To combat this, such areas will be divided into multiple "sections" for the purposes of server-side processing, thereby reducing concentrated loads and subsequent lag on individual World servers.

Distribution of Enemies
In an attempt to further reduce occurrences of lag, we initially avoided placing a large number of enemies in close proximity to one another. With, however, the implementation of the measures mentioned above to reduce server lag, and as player concentrations are beginning to disperse from the starting areas, we will be looking into a redistribution of enemies that is more conducive to enjoyable adventuring.

Another significant addition planned for the December version update is the introduction of notorious monsters (NMs), which will appear in open areas and on guildleves (faction leves). Coming together with the notorious monsters will be a wide variety of new items and rewards, and future version updates will usher in all-new content centered around these formidable new enemies.

Further details regarding notorious monsters and associated new loot will be released in Topics posts as they become available, so be sure to check in regularly!

We also have several seasonal events scheduled to take place beginning in December, and hope that you will all look forward to those as well!

There are still more changes and additions slated for year's end and early next year as well. We will make sure to release information regarding them as soon as we are able in the ongoing Ask the Devs FAQ.

Thank you again for your time, and we hope that you will continue to enjoy your time in ever-evolving Eorzea!

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Really, a rate down for posting it?

heres the link if it tickles your fancy more so...

Titan Server

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-Lag: Insert generic complaint about server-side lag. The menu system isn't as graceful as most MMO's, but it's tolerable like in FFXI with a bit of a learning curve; however, the lag is VERY ugly. (I suggest learning to play with a controller for the time being because it does noticably speed things up).

-Items sections certainly needs the same organization feature as FFXI had.

-The text messaging needs to revert to the tabbed system of FFXI (along with it's customization) and bring back the keyboard shortcuts as well.

-Linkshells need to have some features added - most notably, location of other members.


-Anima is a great idea. Make it better by decreasing the amount for travel, or increasing the regeneration rate, or both!

-The world isn't as big, seemingly, as XI, but there needs to be more direct methods of travel other than by foot or boat (like with quests or tutorials) to both entice and bait users to want to use the Final Fantasy staples of Chocobos and the Airships.


-An Auction House System is DESPARATELY needed. I think most of us understand that the Retainer system and the ease (arguable) of crafting are in place to both empower players as well as hinder RMT activity, but the lack of an Auction House is downright torturous and impractical. This major problem is only compounded by server lag from having a trillion and one retainers in a small room with no organization (outside of an obscure upgrade post on the Lodestone)

-Retainers seem to be an inkling of a Mog House System that could be better implemented in the game. SE should learn from their prior moogle triumphs and upgrades from FFXI and bring them to light in FFXIV. Nomad retainers in distant outposts in addition to an AH-type service in major areas would greatly stimulate the stagnant economy.

-The reset timer is absurd. It's understandable that it is in place to prolong play and, simultaneously, encourage more time-off from the game, but the refresh time is in need of a serios reduction - especially if the player is faced with both a cool-down time between level grinding and being able to do a Leve. Reducing the refresh rate to 10-12 hours would greatly improve the system. If SE is worried about people taking advantage of the XP gain - crunch some numbers and find a balance.

-The process of picking up a Leve is about as fun as waiting for a shot at the Doctor's office, but it can be improved greatly:
1) Make the Leve reset time available in-game (instead of the generic NPC "There are no Leves available at this time" response.
2) Switching out leves for other leves is VERY convoluted, cumbersome and confusing (three horrible "C" adjectives).
Improve this easily with a "x/X" fraction method to know how many can be picked up and from which guild. It seems strange that a Marauder Guild Leve has anything to do with, say, a Botanist Leve, but, apparently, they are swappable within the system.

The Leves should be made more clear as to what can be picked up at anytime and why something isn't available.

Leave the guess work/exploration for deliberate challenges in the game - quests, missions and puzzles - NOT for the system that's supposed to help players EASE into the game.


Other Stuff...
-The gear damage system needs to be re-tinkered or done away with entirely. I'm an all-arounder for jobs, but I sometimes dread going out as a melee because I have to repair my equipment at an absurd rate. After my first upgrade to new armor, the price jumped exponentially to repair gear and my current craft levels cannot keep up with the needs of equipment. I can see this as being a gameplay feature for elitist, but it's an unclear feature that is too prominent in the game with little reward to either fix your stuff and I swear that icon is going to burn into my screen.
-I say get rid of it entirely and focus on other aspects of gear creation - customization, augmentation and signatures (again, learn from FFXI, personalized equipment upgrades were a VERY successful feature that should've been in place from the get-go. And who doesn't like getting a sword made by your in-game girlfriend or that guy named Hatori who leveled smithing to 2,000,000 so he could make samurai swords with his name on them?).

-I'm optimistic about the battle system so far, I'm not bored with it, and I haven't seem to run into some of the other issues other players have had (regenerating mobs, party battle imbalances); however, I do think the mobs should be allocated a bit more carefully.
They aren't grouped by level very well and only occasionally marked off with level differences by geography and sometimes there are giant clusters of enemies followed by barren lands.

Also, as a level 12 Marauder, I think it's a bit unfair to wander just a 2 minute walk from a rank10-ish camp (Skull Valley), grab aggro from a mob that does 4032 damage. Made me think of the dinosaurs from FFVIII and FFXII - funny the first time, but ultimately a poor design choice - ahem, those seemingly docile salamanders with a nasty ranged attack.

-Why can't I mark crap on my map? Is it because I didn't buy them like in FFXI? I would pay for a markable map.


A long-winded 2 cents from a professional game designer and devout FF fanboy (with the silly red mage hat to prove it).
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I will start out to say, I wanted to love this game. The graphics are great, music outstanding but there was just something missing. I do not mind all the issues that are happening, it is a new game. I do not compare it to other games, all have their good and bad. I uninstalled the game last night and canceled me character. What got me were a few things.

All the recipes seem to have just been thrown together with little or no thought to them. Level 1 crafts needed Level 20 ingredients by some other crafter makes no sense to me. Level 1 crafts needing 8 shards... it took me more than two weeks to gain over 200 shards and in a half an hour of crafting they were all gone. It just seemed pointless to me. A lot of the recipes require so many ingredients, I honestly do not see how anyone will ever be to make things beyond basic or just above basic crafts.

The Journal is not a Journal, it should record what you have done, what you have made, sold and bought. It should record where you have been, not just what you need to get done and then that is erased. SE has had a Journal like that in other games. They know how to do it.

The one thing that got to me the most and why I decided the game was not for me, it has no heart. When I played the other Final Fantasy games, I got emotionally involved with them. I wanted to know what was going to happen next, I wanted to make it to the next area to see what was there, but as I have been playing Final Fantasy XIV, I have not felt anything. I honestly did not care if I logged in or not. Oh, I enjoy grinding the mobs, mining and harvesting, but it was just something to do. It passed the time until the Leves reset, but even the Leves did not cause any response. They were like doing a job. There was no stimulation to them, no satisfaction in completing them.

I love the Final Fantasy games, always well.

Remember: Some Times the Dragon Wins.

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I want a RED MAGE...

In my opinion the whole class system is not Final Fantasy. Its just bad.
(I let out my other 100 complaints cause its not worth for this game)

@GibbySF nice effort in complaining but its very amusing.

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How the F**K do you mute the game?? Ive gone into menu > configuration > volume settings and turned all 3 volumes off but i can still F***ing hear crafting when im listening to music on my computer. Cmon SE a working mute function isnt hard to do.
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