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What is the differences between Guildleve and quests?Follow

#1 Oct 11 2010 at 8:16 PM Rating: Decent
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I am amazed at the amount people refuse to acknowledge guidleve as quests.

Let's see what is a tradition MMORPG quest.

Quests are given by NPC, with a back story like "my cat is lost, please look for it" or "The goblin attacked my wagon and please eliminate them for me"

You get it, you go to the area or location and you perform whatever is told. You returns to your NPC and earn a reward.

What is guildleve? Guildleve is like your local employment agency, I am pretty sure you or your parents might used them before.

You walk into that agency and request for jobs. They give you a brief information about what happen and what you need to do.

You accept it, now you go to the area/location and perform your job, you return to your agency for your hard earning rewards. (or they auto deposit money into your banking account).

Therefore guildleves are actual quests.

Is this content? Yes, if World of warcraft, warhammer and other games have an NPC that give you a quest is consider contents, then this is definitely content as well.

Not to mention, it makes your life easier, why? In real life, job search mean, you have to network, cold calling and do everything possible, would you like to walk back and forth to an NPC to turn in quests? No. While a an employment agency is only 1 step, you walk in, you get out with a job. (of course, not really like that since they have to judge your skill and match your skills to jobs).

SE had made you guys a favor here, instead of using your time walking to the arena of location to do that quest then walks all the way back to town to return it, they simply give you the option to teleports and do them effectively faster. Of course faster mean, you feel like it is less weighted against a quest in other games. That is why you might feel like there is a lack of content. For people like me who have study almost 7 hours a day and work a shift of part-time/full-time, i can barely complete these guildleve in time, in many cases i just ignore the battleleves.

While main problems lies in that there is a 36 hours reset, however you are given 16 quests, if each take 30 mins (assume it takes the time limit), you have to play 8 hours of that 36 hours. That mean you only have 28 hours left and only 12 hour of your real life if you account 8 hours sleeps x 2 in this time range. That is always time wasted already if you still don't feel 16 quests can do to you.

Of course, SE is making you sink your time as much as possible, generally that is what every MMORPG/gaming does. Overall, when you played any games, these games never net you anything in real life (unless you are in for tournaments for prizes).

I would like to ask you, a show of hands, how many quit your MMORPG because you complete every aspect of the game? and what do you do after you beat whatever 360, ps3 , wii games? i am pretty sure 100% are/will be threw the game out, SE trying to pro-long your subscription therefore, rushing it won't net you anything, play it slow and patiently is what they are expecting.

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