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#1 Oct 12 2010 at 12:10 AM Rating: Default
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Nobody has any idea what SE will bring for PvP, and after reading their recent interview, I do not think they know what they will do either. Maybe we can help them with our uh feedback.


I have seen quite a lot of styles of PvP over the years, and quite a lot of it bores me. Mostly due to lack of purpose, ganking, and football style battles (yeah yeah). If I were to create a MMO with PvP in it, the fights would have to have some reason, and be worth it. Also, chaos is always good. I found it quite enjoyable while playing WoW and having a whole pile of players come and raid a village you were in. There was panic, chaos, and it was at times completely unpredictable. This of course does not work in this style of game. So how exactly would you implement chaos, purpose, and reward into PvP? I have many ideas, but most of them just do not work in FFXIV.

If there was a way to disable a city like Ul'dah suddenly due to a battle, that would be awesome, but I can just imagine the months and months of coding for something like that. Capture the flag style and the FFXI PvP styles were interesting, but they felt too much like a bunch of kids having a pillow fight compared to my vision.

Maybe there is still a way.. use the zones as battlefields. When it gets dark, sometimes it is too dark to see an oncoming attack. Light torches on the battlefield? As soon as all of the torches are lit, PvP starts? If someone feels it is not time for a battle, someone can run and put out a torch. As soon as PvP is enabled, citizens of each starting town appear on the map with separate colors. When one team has dominance, they get automatic buffs. Once those who are weaker have been chased out or KO'd, the remaining team gets a big pile of EXP, Skill Points, and maybe some items randomly. It fits with Chaos, purpose, and reward.

Any other ideas?

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#2 Oct 12 2010 at 12:19 AM Rating: Good
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personally i hope they keep it minimal. <really wouldn't bother me at all if there was absolutely no pvp at all>
i was never a big fan of pvp in mmo's. in eq there were a few servers that were open pvp and on the others you could /duel other players or enter arena's for a little pvp. it was never an important part of the game on the non-pvp servers though, just something extra.
in aion everywhere was dangerous and you had to look over your shoulder all the time to keep from getting ganked <wasn't much fun personally>
and i didn't play wow enough to say anything about that, but i'm sure someone else will.
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A dangerous to MMO to play due to constantly getting ganked by their too-open PvP system is not fun at all, I agree.

I was hoping for an activation system, so that when the people in the area feel it is time, they can do it. Or at least, be warned to leave the area. Having separate world maps for PvP just takes so much away from the game's land and lore. So what if you had a huge PvP battle in some special area off to the side of Thanalan where nobody has tread before except for this battle. Sorta impersonal and feels too separate from the game.

I believe most people who signed up for FFXIV and enjoy it really like the PvE aspects, so this is important to keep, as it is sacred.
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