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Fun Moves :PFollow

#1 Oct 12 2010 at 6:29 AM Rating: Default
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Gonna try not to turn this into a flame/argument thread,

I touched on this in another thread, but mebbe it will get more feedback/discussion here.

When I was playing FFXI like, I dunno 7 years ago or something, I remember leveling my NIN and hitting I think it was lvl 34 and getting "Utsusemi: Ni". That was it man, it was like .."Wooot I'm Awesome now!!!"...Then there were times when I would hit "Mijin Gakure" just to be funny. Leveling my RNG and getting "Barrage" and "sidewinder" had the same sort of effect. And then theres "Sneak Attack" for my THF.

After about 4 years in that game I moved onto WoW, which I had been playing simultaniously, but just focused on it totally since ffxi had pretty much died for me. Leveling a Rogue, getting a move called "pickpocket", "Sap" was fun to do in pvp, just Sap them and watch them try to find you :P. Fast forward a few years I lvld a Death knight, when they were first added, and i'll be honest I lvld it purely because the move "Death Grip" looked fun as ****.

The point is these games had these actions that were in some small way "fun". I mean, it's not like cocaine and stripper party fun, but there was some small ammount of enjoyment.

So far the moves in FFXIV seem to be simply mechanical, Offensives move are just there to deal damage or make a debuff, and defensive moves are there to simply to stop dmg or heal you. I haven't found anything yet that I click and go "haha man that was funny lol". I'm obviously not lvl capped yet, and I don't know what moves I'll get later that might be like that, but has anyone else found any techniques that they can classify as fun?

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The backflip-sommersault top-down attack of Archers?
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Rinsui wrote:
The backflip-sommersault top-down attack of Archers?

Haven't lvld my archer enough for that one yet, but sounds kinda fun. Kinda like the one DRG had in ffxi? Think it was just called "Jump".

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i can assure you that it is nothing like "jump" from XI, look up "arrow helix" on youtube and see for yourself.
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