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Starting game Job Class & LEVE for guild marksFollow

#1 Oct 12 2010 at 10:57 AM Rating: Decent
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Does your starting game job class take any preference over the other job class in regard the LEVE offered for Guild marks?

I started the game as Thaumaturge, but now my highest job class is Conjurer. Conjurer 18 and Thaumaturge 12
I have done 10 LEVE for Guild Mark, I only got 1 LEVE for conjurer guild mark the others 9 was for Thaumaturge.

Was it just my lucky/unlucky day or does the job class that you start the game with, influence the "random" Leve guild mark offered?

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Heres kinda how I think guildmarks works. When they shuffle and assign everyone their leves for a period, some (maybe every) leve will have a chance to give guildmarks as its reward instead of gil. If you have that class above level X, it'll offer you guildmarks, if you don't it'll offer you the gil. For the rank 20 leves X would be 10, I don't know if its level 10 for every rank of leve. It would kinda suck being offered only thurm marks for a rank 40 leve when you're thurm is like 15.

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