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How does item damage work?Follow

#1 Oct 12 2010 at 1:03 PM Rating: Good
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I was fishing last night and got the damage notification icon.

So I ran back to town and found out... that it cost 6k to repair my gladiator armor (which doesn't even help fishing at all).

So I decided to take off all my gear except fishing rod (and undies, since you can't take them off).

I ran to Limsa and repaired it to NPC max, and ran to Aleport to continue fishing.

I was there maybe for 5 minutes before I got the Equipment Damage Icon again!!! Where was before I was fishing for hours before I got it.

Does activity (possibly including walking around) have a total number of damage that is spread across all gear worn? (so less gear you have on the quicker they get damaged)

Or is something else happening?

It just seems really strange.
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JamesX wrote:
How does item damage work?

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acctually james im faily certain your correct in your assumptions.

If you notice on all gear there is a stat called Resiliency. This stat is sort of like an indicator of how hard it is to damage that piece of gear.

Durability wear takes place in a few ways.

In combat, every time you hit an enemy with your weapon it will take durability loss based on the damage dealt and the skills you use. A higher optimal skill usually has a higher durability loss associated with its use. Armor also takes durability loss based on getting hit. Im assuming the amount of durability loss is more associated with oposing level of opponent and your own level compared to the gear your wearing (i.e. lv1 star marmet will do almost no durability damage to your armor, however an equal level mob will do more dmg to a gear that is above your rank).

When foraging on DoL class's and crafting on DoH class's, durrability loss is handled in a different manner. Every action taken deals a durability hit to you, based on the level of the action (i.e. lv10 recipie or lv3 mining node). This durability hit is then split between each piece of gear and the resilience stat on the gear will further reduce how much it looses.

So, having a fully equiped character will cause your durability loss to go down substantially.

I personally have stayed fully geared during my crafting sessions and noticed i suffer much less durability loss than nude crafters so it's safe to say this is the better method to do it.
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