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#1 Oct 13 2010 at 10:17 AM Rating: Decent
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Just hit Rank 12 on my Gladiator, and I am fresh out of battlecraft leves but I want to get 15 to get that next part of the story quests. So I ask you guys, can anyone suggest some monsters or areas where I can grind solo to get those few extra ranks reset is a while away yet ;)

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

Oh I am in Gridania R12 PL18

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Head to the Emerald Moss area. That's where I've been leveling since Rank 10. I think at 12 the Bees, marmots, and Yarzons are decent. I'm 14 now and doing Yarzons, roselets, and wolves.
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Thank you both ^.^
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A thread about good grinding spots for all areas.
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