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a few nublet questions i am sorryFollow

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So i get that the leves reset every certain time period. how do i level the war classes in between times, do i have to either grind or craft?

Will switching classes reset the leves? IE can i do them for every single class and have them reset.

What im running in to is completing the 4 guildleves at the first spot with my conj, and then not being able to do anything till the next day, even if i want to level gladiator, because the leves dont refresh till tomorrow.

Also, is there one place i can buy all the job weapons? Im having a time finding them around town (the island city)

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you can do a total of 8 regional leve's and 8 local leve's every 36 hrs. Once you complete the leves in one town, run to the other 2 towns and grab more up to the max limit of 8 local and regional. Crafting will help lv up that crafting class as well your physical level. You can always explore, do story missions, try to team up at the crystals when people are asking for help for their leve's even when you completed all of yours. There are many things to do in between the 36 hr cooldown of leve's that you can stay busy every day you play
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Once you rank up past about 6 or so, you can take leves in the next camp. You could then take leves from both camps and do the lower level ones at higher difficulty. Or, as stated above, travel to other towns and do the leves there at the same level.
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Leveling your class rank is hardly limited to doing leves. Infact, I'd argue you would have a better rate of skill points over time locating blue and green orb level mobs and having at it. However, doing leves, allows you to make some gil and other rewards.
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