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Couple noob questions, sorry.Follow

#1 Oct 13 2010 at 2:56 PM Rating: Decent
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Hi, new to the game still and really having a hard time figuring out what to do besides grinding / levequesting.

1) Where can I buy new armor? I'm level 14 physical 10 marauder and I'm wearing starting gear. I've heard that most armor in this game comes from crafting - but the crafting looks like you have to have high levels to make low level gear. Is there an armor vendor??

2) For crafting -- is there a place / city where I can buy everything I need? Animal glue perhaps? Or is it all off drops? And is there a site out there that lists levels of mobs and what they drop? The ones on ZAM are....a bit...unfinished.

3) Repairing -- If I have the materials to repair, how do I do it myself? Armorer for armor?

Thanks - I've tried searching these on the forum and havent found much info -- any help would be appreciated.
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1) The armor vendors are pretty expensive sometimes, and they don't have a good selection. You are better off asking someone to make it for you or browse the retainers (ew..)

2) Animal glues are pretty common, I want to say that every city has a vendor that sells it, but don't quote me on it. By the way, the database here is your friend =)

Also, the mobs rarely drop "usable material". They typically drop raw materials needed to make parts finish products.

3) You cannot repair an item if you are equipping currently. To me what craft fixes what is a bit blur, and I don't believe there's a guide out there that tells you. I normally just look at the parts and figure out from there. e.g. if it takes planks then its carpenter, etc. etc.
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Look above the thread...Database. has a TON of good stuff in there. Bravo to ZAM. All your questions are in there.
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1. There are a few NPCs that sell a few pieces of equipment but other than that you will have to search either people's bazaars or the market wards. Or you can try shouting I heard that works. Also sometimes guildleves will give you something as the reward.

2. Pretty much see above. Crafting leves are good for skilling up since they provide you with all the materials you need.

3. You can do it yourself or have someone else do it for you that is the only way to repair armor to 100%. There is an npc in each town that will repair up to 75% though.
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