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With 10 days left on the free trial I am trying to think, what exactly were se thinking when they design the game? Before anyone flame me, I purcahsed 70 crysta so I will be in the game for at least 6 month before I give my judgement. This is meant to be a serious discussion, if you have nothing to say, please go away and stay away.

A few days ago I recall reading an interview for ffxiv and they say the Ui has problem but they need to design something that work with both ps3 and pc version, fair enough, however, they missed something important. 99.99% of the ps3 population will have access to a keyboard if they play ffxiv, so then what the harm in putting some shortcut on keyboard control? Like I for inventory or something and Q for leve info. ( Although possible for someone who play this without keyboard, I pitty their soul who try to type in a mmo with a controller.)

The lag, o the lag is terrible, but this made me think of sopmething, if ffxi COULD handle the game at 3k-4k population without too much lag beside in Jueno or Whitegate during deseige, how come they couldn't do the same for xi.

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