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I just finished reading the interview with Andrius and entire time I was so shocked to see that he wrote EXACTLY what I had in mind about FF14. In every way possible. from the jobs to auction house or the entire game itself how lame it is. After so many years of experience Squareenix got from FF11 and trying to implement what the fans really wanted why would you make another game with same topic but missing so much. missing the point, making it far from fun with taking away simple things like auto attack, follow, when you about to check someone you can’t move anymore, like they say “Talk about fly-by-night merchants…!” .. Why can’t you just right click someone rather than another window opens with small fonts at the right side of your screen , you trying to click on browse or something quick quick before he runs away in all the LAG. ..AndI got 3x 24inch screens and trust me it’s a pain…right click and menu right there in your face, that’s how its suppose to be! And yes, yes it is indeed true how are you suppose to find something specific when you just don’t know who the **** has it >.> when you need something you go to that specific store that has it not go in every single store to find it!!!! What Andrius means in my opinion is SE took away the simple things that made the game more convenient! Another thing, why isn’t there any mobs around??! you can run for hours in the map and you will find a few mobs here and there. with such huge areas why not more mobs? Anyways I did quit the game and I won’t be going back to it until a lot of things are fixed. from my part I know 6 of my friends quit as well. I personally had bought 2 collector’s edition copy and when I saw this disaster I was so disappointed that I quit the game 1 week later. I have played a lot of games to make the different between a good one and a bad one. these are things that didn’t even need to be fixed, they are common sense. just sucks and frustrating to pay and play miserably while these issues are fixed. it feels SE just makes it on purpose to waste a good 6months or more of players time and collect money then you start playing. IMO SE is aware of what they made and errors but too confident that people are desperate to play their games. well I hope people will wake up like I did and move on so they don’t take people for fools. Star wars coming out, we all moving to that game. see you all there..

P.S Disappointing
and for sure we keep comparing 11 with 14 if not why they made same looking characters, abilities look alike and everything else look alike??? for those who did not realize that then wake up...SE pulling your tales man. and for character creations thats all we get a few options for face, body and all???? 7 billion of ppl on earth and guys guess what!!!! we all look alike with only our eyebrows diffrentO_O

him being a fan or what not its the experience that counts nothing else. the interview says in other words how i felt and i did not play thousands of hours of ff11. one more thing all this time and effort all we get is same type of looking characters, same type of jobs but instead of many they just put all of them in a huge mixer and handed over you few little jobs…Disappointing, Disappointing, Disappointing, Disappointing, Disappointing, Disappointing, Disappointing, Disappointing, Disappointing, Disappointing,

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You do realize this is going to get locked right?

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