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Anyone interested in micro blogging for FF14?Follow

#1 Oct 13 2010 at 10:09 PM Rating: Decent
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Hi guys,

I am a long time FF11 player. When FF14 is about to release, I was very excited.
In fact, I was so excited that I developed a micro blogging site so I can share my adventure to others.

I started blogging in the open beta and stopped due to lagging and other reasons (see the long story at end if you are interested).

Now I am wondering if you guys are interested in blogging about your adventure?

Here's my ff14 blog:

If enough people wanted this, I will open a section that anyone can register their characters and blog.
If you are interested, please reply!

Long story:

I started playing and blogging in beta but there were issues with update and the UI was very non-responsive, so I stopped and play starcraft2 with my friend.

Later on I started blogging about my sc2 games with my sc2 character, and I recently opened the site for other sc2 players to blog (just a few days ago).

If you are interested in what the ff14 site will looks like, here's the one I opened for sc2:

Here's my sc2 blog:

For those who wonder why I developed a site when SE's player site already has blogging. Long story short, I simply find that SE's site lack features like sharing video and easy way to upload image.

Being a web developer myself, I think I can do better and I can continue to improve and respond to players needs. The service will be free (if traffic picks up, I might add ad for bandwidth).

Anyway, if you are interested, let me know. I know the game isn't well received so far but I also have faith that it will improve like FFXI did when it started.

So cheers!
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