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Dump any new ideas of reinventing the wheel.Follow

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Look I waited since the 5the year of FFXI to play this game.
No really, I leanrt of this game and the UI for it the 4the year of FFXI.
Att hat time it was a rumor of a skinning.
Only rumor lol. It took 2 more years for SE to even slightly mention they were makinga new game and then they fooled me and put out 13. ( while hiding this caff caff jem inthe back room )

Now Iplayed the alpha, played the beta, bought the early release for teh 22nd release sept 2010.
Now, sept 30th has come and gone and I see VERY busy servers.

but, So much chaos.
I am not going to list all teh broken and irritating things that.
I will only list one.
AH. I know Iknow a beaten to death topic. Its liek a dead guuy laying there yet people still shoot clips and rounds into it.
Hes dead wtf? But you'd reply "dont care I hate him"

Well no AH. Yeah topic is dead but I dont care lol.

It is onlyONE of the examples of reinventing the wheel.
Now that I have had serious time since alpha till now, All the things people are upset about really ARE valid reasons.
Why? FFXI was a awesome game with ALOT of differant thigns than ANY mmorpg before it. **** even today like what 9 years later teh game stil stands out as an Advanced fulling game. Only being dated to Long time FF players. I mean only really FF players think of it as a dated game. Graphicly it is Still better than WOW Aion City of heroes.. **** many more. and an Epic story.

now here we are today Old time long time FFXI players looking for NEW adventures but.. we actaully do want some of the same!
new majic new fighting sytem new look we LOVE!
But some CORE changes were not AND ARE NOT needed.

The Auction house is just one of MANY wheels that did not need to be reinvneted.
the AH was superior to sell things while off line.
There was an ORGANIZED LIST to seatch things. You coud PLAN AHEAD on gear you may need in a few levels/ranks You also knew how much something MAY COST. Zone bazarr selling invented by players works beter than the chaos of today.

Even the way missions are given out is a bit lame. to many popele gathered up around a counter is NOT fun for lag, loosing team mates in a standing room ony bar. To chaotic for no reason.

Instead of a hectagon shaped wheel lets go back to the round wheel. it was so much smoother a ride.

(srry for typo riddled mess.. to tired of checking bazars to find nothing eyes hurt)

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Wow, this is the first I've heard of all this! Thanks for taking the time to relay this information! if it hasn't already been spun on this forum 1,000,001 times...

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JerryTheMule wrote:
I guess they didn't see the complain thread.. i'm reporting all these idiots from now on.. i'm over hearing about it and would like to talk about EXP spots, etc that we find in game for those of us that actually want to PLAY the game and use these forums for their purpose. Not to ***** like girls

You are such a joy to read posts from. All you do is flame other users with insults. We don't play the game the way you do. We're idiots. We don't care for lag, the poorly designed UI, and general inability to buy and sell items. We're all a bunch of girls (which btw in case you have used any of your 70 odd posts to actually contribute something useful to a thread you would realize that there are several active forum members who ARE girls)

You are not one iota better than the people you insist on flaming.

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Please direct your complaints to this sticky rather than making new topics.

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