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I returned FFXIVFollow

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This is my first and only zam post. I probably won't be checking on replies, so don't worry about flaming me if you don't like my opinion on the game. I am aware of my standing invitation to return to my former game of choice - but never fear, I already have (minecraft).

I think the thread topic is pretty much the only interesting thing I have to say that hasn't been hashed over already. The last time I saw this much pessimism from one side and vicious, often unintelligible defense from the other side (haters & noobs vs fanboys)was Hellgate:London before it imploded. To this day I won't touch anything that Bill Roper has any control over after he left Blizzard.

Anyhoo, I just thought I'd share that I actually returned this game. I've bought plenty of stinkers - only one of which I felt justified in returning before this. I bought this pretty much multiplayer-only DotA clone called Demigod and suffered a well documented bug that had no workaround whereby I was unable to join multiplayer games. Impulse gave me my money back on a digital download on that one. In this particular instance, my vendor was unwilling to make an exception to "The Policy", which is something most vendors hide behind. Vendors have to stand behind all of the other merchandise that they carry, but software is new enough that no matter how bad it is, customers have no recourse in the event of an unacceptable product.

With this particular game, I felt morally unable to let my purchase stand. I did not feel that it was ethically required of me to obey social norms, so I employed a little social engineering and helped my vendor unwittingly work around "The Policy". Now they will RMA a piece of defective software ( they think it is defective due to physical manufacture problems - I know it is defective due to unacceptable quality for a commercial release ), and I later returned an unopened piece of software - which is in accordance with their silly little policy.

I generally support the industry and I respect intellectual property, but I also feel that consumers are entitled to at least a reasonable expectation of quality in a commercial product. When you can't run a piece of software on a PC that meets the unusually demanding system requirements, a machine that runs other modern games like BFBC2 and SC2 on max settings at a smooth 60fps, without a consistent crash to desktop Direct3D device error (even after trying playing with configuration, and being careful never to tab - even though it is ludicrous that tabbing should cause an application to reliably crash - making sure all drivers are up to date, other games work fine, hardware diagnostics turn up no problems) AHEM - that is an unacceptable piece of software. I do apologize for the run on sentence.

If you read my boring wall of text, thanks. I feel a lot better after sharing. And, a note to my critics (whose replies I won't read because I'm probably not going to visit this site again for quite a while) I am going back to Minecraft, not WoW. Sheesh.

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I smell a cool story ...

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Intriguing Parable, Brethren!
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JerryTheMule wrote:
reported... there is an i quit thread.. its probably a good thing you're not coming back because your thread won't be here :)

sugoi monogatari, aniki!
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1 post typical
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You had me at "Hi"

the tears are day trashed. Thanks.
Amos Fin - Ultros

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^ This is where you go to post that you quit.
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