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So Ive heard that your elemental skill determines the damage with that element (spell or status effect on a weapon), your resistance and your chance to get those type of shards. So am i right im thinking that I should spread my elemental stats between wind, earth and fire to get those shards cos Im a blacksmith/carpenter? I am a lancer and I cant see why I would need any specific elements like fire for the CON. Am I right in thinking this or is it important for all classes to have all resistances? Ive been saving all my elemental points now i want to spend them.

While i was in the middle of this post I read a theory that fire improves your blacksmithing, can anyone confirm? if thats the case then ill whack all of them in there. Cheers :)
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I've just been doing an even spread between all six, and if I have extra points I dump them into earth or whatever particular shard I need a lot of at the moment.

I haven't seen anything about your elemental stats having any kind of benefit to crafting and as far as I'm aware they only influence what types of crystal/shards you get from gathering (since mobs drop specific types anyway).

I don't have a magic caster to test if the elements give you extra benefit to damage (and most of the melee classes have some kind of elemental weaponskill down the line, so maybe specific elements might help), but I've noticed elemental stats reducing the damage I take from spells and increasing my resist rate.
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In terms of getting which kind of shards, I think your elemental stats only affect when you're gathering. As for me, I first put a lot of points in Wind, so when I was gathering, I did get more Wind shards than other shards. But if I'm killing Moles, it would still give me Earth shard even know my Earth stat is the lowest.
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It skews the % but it is not the sole determinate.

I have Fire Element as the highest, and I get a lot of fire shards when I fish. But I would also get other crystals - but not nearly as much as fire.

Maybe for gathering the crystal % is based on porpotion of the various elementals

Let say you have 6 in fire element, and 1 in 4 elements. You will then have 60% chance of getting Fire Crystals, as opposed to 10% for each of the other 4.
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anyone confirm or prove wrong the theory that fire helps blacksmithing?

Also I was asking if there is a known reason if lancer needs any elemental stat boost?
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Vsayra wrote:
anyone confirm or prove wrong the theory that fire helps blacksmithing?

Also I was asking if there is a known reason if lancer needs any elemental stat boost?

I don't know for sure about lancer; it doesn't look like it, but I know *some* non-magic classes can benefit from elemental affinity. Specifically, Gladiator's Red Lotus does fire damage, and Pugilist Seismic Shock, as well as Hora type weapons, do earth damage. So it is possible lancer can gain a benefit from elemental affinity.
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