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So i bought the game and i'm enjoying it so far. I played FF XI for many years and i don't mind the grinding, the weird game mechanics and the elitism. I've tried numerous other MMOs such as Warcraft, Vanguard, Aion and Warhammer to name a few. Most of these games didn't suit me much. Some i never heard of before installing the game, others i had waited for, for years. Vanguard for example. I had high hopes for this game and thought it would be the "real EQ 2", but it wasn't. They ran out of funds and had to launch an unfinished product. It bummed me out and i quit after some time.

So what i did was un-install the game and head on for something new. Did i go to the vanguard forums and bash the game some people loved despite the bugs and all. No i just left as silently as i arrived.

So what i don't understand is people who hang out here day in and day out, ******** and moaning about the game, telling everybody how bad it is and how much they hate the game. Why don't you just leave, and let the rest of us enjoy it. Why destroy the reputation of the game by bad mouthing it 24/7. What do you get out of it? Isn't it really a waste of time and childish to still be here if you already quit the game.

I can understand if you make a new post about how disappointed you are with the game and then leave. But these guys are replying to other peoples posts, which means they are still here everyday looking for a new post to fill with negative remarks. Really it's sad that they have such little content within their lives, that they have the time to hang out here for weeks.

I remember when the zam forums were filled with people enjoying themselves, exchanging ideas and such. Now it just feels like the wow boards (sorry for that but really those boards are just whiners and crybabies).

So i ask all you little people with pety problems to just leave now and never come back. I know that i would never ever waste my time on a game forum for a game that i just couldn't stand, i would just pack my bags and leave for good... so do it childish man-boy. Dry your eyes and take a cleenex. don't worry some day there will be a game you like but this isn't it, so leave... really leave now i beg you.

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Do unprovoked complaining about complainers threads belong in the complaints thread as well?
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