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#1 Oct 15 2010 at 1:14 AM Rating: Default
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First off, if you're rank 10 and have no idea what you're talking about please don't post speculation or rumors. I'm tired of threads getting flooded with misinformation. thank you.

Right now i'm a 29mrd (35 phys) with trunksplitter II and skull sunder II
I've managed to decapitate skeletons with skull sunder II. This not only works on the low level leve ones in the 20 camp in thanalan, but also works on the lvl 33ish ones (con red to me at 29) in the mines north of ul'dah. Basically i use skull sunder at any point in the battle and 90% of the time it chops the skeletons head off and says i decapitated or incapacitated it or something like that.
This is how you get the eyepatches that sell on wutai for 150k+ and drop every 3 or 4 kills btw. They drop from headless skeletons. So if you see people selling these for over 50k i would avoid buying them since they are -very- common.

Moving on.
I've tried using skull sunder II on hippocerfs, but have not pulled of an incapacitation in over 100 tries. Now these hippocerfs con blue or green to me as opposed to the red skeletons. I have tried hitting from all sides (but concentrated on hitting the head since thats the part im supposed to be able to incapacitate). Further, I've tried this both solo, duo, and in a party of 4.

I have tried crabs, humanoids, and opo-opos and have not been able to pull of incapacitations on any of them. I have randomly pulled some off on leve mobs however (i believe aldgoats)

So my question to you is:
What are your experiences with incapacitations? Does anyone know a way to make them proc more, or why they proc a lot on certain mobs and not on others?
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