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#52 Oct 15 2010 at 3:42 PM Rating: Good
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You DO realize there was nothing to adjust, all the retainers were removed from the wards during the update. You have to actually recall your retainer, then decide "@#%^ it, i'm just going to set it up in the wrong ward".

It might just be possible that not every player camped the update notes. It will take a few days for everyone to figure out what changed. I'm sure plenty of players logged in, plunked down their retainer without having any idea how the ward system changed, and went on their merry way.
#53 Oct 15 2010 at 7:20 PM Rating: Decent
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goraiden wrote:
2) Final Fantasy XIV's market system is so BACKWARDS even a game that came out 10 years earlier - EQ has a better market system in place now. In EQ they've got a bazaar on the moon. When you get into the market area you can search and sort items on sale by name, type, price, class, etc. And when you decide to buy an item you double click on the seller's name and the game provided a glowing yellow line that you could follow straight to the vendor selling the item. I'm not even going to mention how WoW and Aion's auction systems are light years beyond the idiotic Wards. Who the **** thought it was going to be a GOOD idea to have to click on 25 different npcs all while dealing with GUI lag in hopes of randomly finding the item that you needed?

I'm kind of liking the direction the market system is heading. Granted, it still has a long way to go, but I find it nice to be able to hunt around various retainers searching for the best prices for items. The prices are often vastly diffrent between retainers, because as a seller there is no easy way to determine the current market worth, like there would be with your standard AH. It almost feels like a character class all by its self, because you actually have to put some effort into buying and selling. Renaming the wards, is a step in the right direction (as is double clicking to bring up the retainer's goods), just so long as the players cooperate! EQ may have a bazaar on the moon NOW, but when I played it, the only tool we had to buy and sell with was a chat channel (usually combined with a nice long run to where ever in the world you decided to meet the other person). Regardless of how much work needs to be put into the system (no arguments there), The market wards are light years ahead of having nothing but /auction. Once they fix the lag issues they are having with the UI windows, make items searchable within market wards (I'm praying that that searching for items will NOT show the prices with the results, and only tag/flag the retainers in the ward that have the item), and allow us to have more retainers with maybe double the bazaar space, the market system will be fairly unique, viable, and fun.

Edited, Oct 16th 2010 12:00pm by Reignson
#54 Oct 15 2010 at 9:38 PM Rating: Decent
Ryneguy wrote:
Please refrain from turning this post into a flame thread about what you think Square-Enix should have done and let it remain a thread regarding the changes that took place this morning. The sheer fact that after about 30 minutes of the servers being back online (at 4:45am EST/1:45am PST) someone is complaining that the wards don't have the proper items in them is just so blatantly absurd that I actually actually wish physical harm on that person. Most players aren't even awake to re-adjust their retainers, never mind even online if they are (most are probably on their way or at work, like me).

Simply enjoy that Square-Enix is taking steps-upon-steps consistently and frequently to re-adjust and tweak the in-game systems to make them more functional than they were previously. If you cannot do that, start your own flame thread and await it to be locked.

Good lord, I tried to hit the green arrow as many times as I could before it disappeared.

Sometimes, just sometimes, I read through some of the responses to stuff like this and I think, "Man, you're not miserable because you're playing a game you don't like. You're miserable because you're just really not that bright and the world is a confusing, scary place to you."

I learned some time ago that the best way to peruse the retainer wards as quickly and thoroughly as possible is to run to one end of the hall as soon as I zone in. I then turn around and face down the hall and wait for all of the retainers to load in. Then I target the left most retainer, [Home] -> check to make sure I'm not about to check or synthesize or teleport instead of browse -> confirm -> browse and then either buy or [ESC] -> [Tab] once -> repeat.

I wound find after 15 minutes or so of browsing retainers that my eyes would start to get tired from moving around the screen so much. Eliminating the need to check the menu pane on the right side of the screen alleviates that enormously, as well as simply expediting the process.

I think a lot of people look at patch notes like this and think that the reason those particular things were changed was because they were SE's top priority. That's not always the case. Sometimes things get changed before others because one is a quick fix (upping the maximum shards, for example) and other things take more time.
#55 Oct 15 2010 at 11:23 PM Rating: Decent
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Ryneguy wrote:
Timorith wrote:
Also crystals stack to 9999 which is great, but arrows still stack to 99... Bastards. Some items still stack to 12 - oh thats right, they need a reason to sell us more storage space!

No UI improvements. No inventory or storage sort, not even auto-alphabetize. An ineffective and halfassed market ward solution. Basically, everything except what the players asked for - and STILL no communication.

Clearly, SE doesnt WANT our money. We should spend it elsewhere.

Yea, because Rome was built in a day. Please, please go spend your money elsewhere. Innovation and new idea's used to be a cherished thing, something people liked...enjoyed even. But now it's just everyone's excuse to stand on their own personal soapbox and scream "Failure!" If it's not like it was before or like how someone else created it, everyone just grabs their pitchfork & torches and heads out marching.

And seriously, stop comparing Square-Enix now to the Square-Enix that developed FFXI. FFXI was well before these template-built MMO's that spit out on a monthly basis, identical to those before it aside from art direction (sometimes...). AH's were not the "benchmark" to be built on back then. Now that it is, I don't blame SE for trying to separate themselves from the herd of developers that take no risk whatsoever in building new game mechanics. Unfortunately, until the system is proven to work and work well, the pitchforks and torches will remain.

that's the thing though, the game hasn't innovated anything. i also agree that trying to be different is a good thing. the FF series is known for changing things up every time a new game is released. however, there is no conceivable way that they thought a retainer system would be better than an Auction house.

the retainer system on it's own, let's face it, is not as good as an auction house. But what if it was paired up with an auction house. that way you could bazaar without being logged in, anywhere you want while also having a central place to trade goods. this would have been innovation.

And yes i know FFXI was built before any of the standards were set in place, but were no longer in that era of MMO. If you create a new system, you have to sit down first and think it through. Beta is the place to test it. If it doesn't work, back to the drawing board. If it does work, hey, you created a new norm and improved the system for other games down the line.

as for comparing this game with FFXI, it isn't unreasonable to do so. people compare sequals all the time. would it be unreasonable to compare halo reach to halo 3? halo reach is the succesor to halo 3 so of course it's going to be compared to the games before it. FFXIV is no different. SE made a previous MMO with all the bells and whistles it has now. however unlike halo reach, SE did not try to build uppon what it has already created and made it better. this is why the pitchforks and torches are out.

i`m in no way saying that i`m expecting a fully complete game with everything already ready to go like end game and ect. but i was definatley expecting a better experience which has come to be expected from a company of SE`s caliber. And unfortunatley i`m not the only one who feels let down by this game because of my experiences with FFXI.
#56 Oct 15 2010 at 11:46 PM Rating: Decent
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goraiden wrote:
1) This new patch has broken the game for me yet again. Wow this truly sucks. I'm getting the dreaded 'Final Fantasy has stopped working popup' the second I get to the character selection screen. And before you try to ask what system specs I have - 2x GTX 480, Intel i7 920 @ 4ghz, and 6GB DDR3 RAM. The system specs are rarely the problem with playing this game it's the fact that it's so **** BUGGY and the patches seem to break it again for me everytime there's a new one. This is getting real old, real fast SE. And where is my SLI support??

did you install the beta drivers 260.8x ? If so that might be your problem. And are you realy asking SE a SLI support ? I would more ask nvidia for this ...
#57 Oct 16 2010 at 5:24 PM Rating: Decent
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I personally am happy for the turn around. This means there is still hope for this game and I'm intending to stay as I originally planned. While I can say the game wasn't ready to be released (as many will agree) at least they're trying to fix it. To the people that are still troubled, take a break after the free trial wait til December and see what happens. If you're that repulsed by it then by all means leave. It is your money after all.

I like how they gave us an extension on the free trial, the preview of what will be coming up next in future updates. I look forward to it.

The only thing I'm slightly weary and confused about is the party level situation.
I hope this doesn't turn into a FFXI moment where people can't play with each other because one plays more while the other plays less. If anyone can clarify this change and what it means it would be much appreciated. If it really is how I stated I'm sort of cringing because I am waiting for people to join via PS3 release by then if my level is too high I wont be able to play with them...

As far as the patch notes go... I really wish they would've looked at making a search function over sorting out the retainers first. I will state right here I don't like the retainer system as I don't like browsing bazaars all day when I want to go slay some monsters or craft with my time on the game. But that is a small 'irritation' and I can deal with it til a more established update can be made. :) Though I do give them credit for taking a different approach instead of a traditional Auction House. It shows creativity. :D I pray that it works out for them and the players in the future.
In regards to the retainers though I do enjoy the "Targeting and selecting a retainer will automatically open their Bazaar."
#58 Oct 16 2010 at 5:30 PM Rating: Default
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like i been saying its ffxi 2.0 and as time gos on it gonna more like it, same team and people creative styles dont change.
#59 Oct 16 2010 at 5:51 PM Rating: Decent
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JamesX wrote:
MaverickBG wrote:
A lot of people's complaints are addressed in the other press releases that SE put out.... I highly suggest people check those out...

And I'm amazed at how many people are STILL saying "If this isn't fixed, I'm cancelling my account".

SE gave you an extra 30 day trial!!! Start saying this when that time runs out....

Don't say that. I rather they quite now. :)

You do realize that if all those people quit now the game has no future, right? The people who are satisfied with the game as it is right now, even with this patch, are the minority. If it's true SE only sold 300k copies up to date, and the majority of people are quite fed up with how things are going then this game doesn't have too bright of a future. Or it'll be a money hole for SE until it's actually 'fixed'.

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