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You got 400sp for a single leve? I do all mine on red and am lucky to get any, sometimes 100. 19 mrd 2 star leves. myabe its cuz i have 30 phys?
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First of all, this belongs in the complaints department thread. To actually respond to you though, I can't sympathize with you on this one. If you're doing level 30 leves, you should know that you don't get the reward until you click the node. I don't see that being that big a deal, especially compared to some other things.
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if you get no skill points for a leve your doing something wrong. I get af ew thousand sometimes w/ guardians favor and the right mobs...
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Yeah I agree, it's total BS. . .
I lost a few rewards because I'd stick around and kill other monsters in the area until I discovered I was missing out on my reward. . .albeit I'm much lower level, but still just as annoying and lame.

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a gm gave me the dough anyhow. so apparently theyre gonna fix it at some point. and you always have had to click on the node for the reward. That wasnt my point. my point was you cant click on the node if it disappears in 120 seconds, and at that point you cant click on the one at camp either.. you forfeit your reward.
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