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#1 Oct 16 2010 at 5:04 PM Rating: Decent
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When doing a leve for marks, do you need to be the job the marks are for while completing the leve? I just finished a leve that was supposed to offer ~600 marks and when the node came up at the end on the reward screen it showed Pugilist guild marks x0.

Is this some kind of bug or did I possibly do something wrong during the leve?

#2 Oct 16 2010 at 5:07 PM Rating: Good
You have to be on the job that the marks are for in order to get them.
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Cadant wrote:
When doing a leve for marks, do you need to be the job the marks are for while completing the leve?


Completing a leve offering Gladiator Guildmarks as a Pug means no marks will be awarded.

Being offered a leve with the right marks for your current job is pretty much luck of the draw.
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What they said, also it seems you'll get leves with mark rewards for any War/Magic class you have at rank 10 or above.
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considering the Rank 30 leves are split up over 6 locations, you have a selection of 18 different leves + 9 (rank 20) leves. Not getting a leve offering the correct marks for your job is highly unlikely.
last leve resets I had 1 leve offering me GLD marks, 1 offering me Lancer and 3 offering me PUG. Once you reach rank 40 leves it will probably be even easier to get the correct leves for your job.

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